How long should you wait for him to commit ?

So how long is too long ?

How long should you wait for a men to commit?

It was a question that was emailed into me by a few women , all wanting to know the time line or rather the limit you should wait for a man to commit to you. As women we crave certainty and the last thing we want to do is waste our heart and time on a man that doesn’t see a future with us or want the same things.

The problem is , is you put too much pressure on him too soon then you will drive him away.

And then again if you don’t set a certain standard you end up giving hime the benefits of a committed relationship without the promise of his commitment .

So let’s break it down right now to help give you some guidelines on how long you should wait for a man to commit :

How Long Should You Wait For Him To Commit

1) Men commit at different rates –

Don’t expect the same level of commitment that you are willing to offer straight away . This is simply because men work differently to women! If you understand what men need in the early stages of dating , then you are more likely to have him want to stick around.

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2) Get to know the man behind the commitment –

There is no point having the commitment if you aren’t compatible or if he isn’t good for you! Focus on who you are committing to , not just the commitment itself. If you come across as someone who just wants to tick things off your list , including him , then he will see straight through that and not feel valued.

3) Set a realistic time frame –

Ask yourself what do you want ? Is it marriage by a certain time frame? Is it babies? And then put it into perspective whether or not it is realistic in accordance to where you are at and who you are dating. Make sure that you also date someone who is on the same page and set yourself up for a win right from the beginning .

4 ) There are different stages of commitment –

Identify what stage you are in to help work out if he is giving you the right level of commitment already. Remember what your receive in the dating phase as opposed to what you should get in the relationship phase are two totally different levels of commitment!

5) What are you willing to put up with ? –

If you are willing to keep waiting for him to commit when his behaviour says otherwise than you are effectively signalling to him that you are always going to be there for him even without his full commitment to you. Remember it is a decision to stay with someone that has openly told you they don’t want to commit.


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  • Mary says:

    Hi Renee, I’ve been dating a guy and we first matched online 9 months ago. We had the talk exactly a month ago, at the 8 month mark when I discovered he still had his dating profiles up. He thought it was mutually understood that we were exclusive since I met all of his friends and I stay over his apartment for weeks at a time – I have a bunch of shoes, clothes, toiletries, etc. at his apartment. He also told me he considers us exclusive and serious (his words, not mine) and that he wasn’t at the age (he’s 33, I’m 24) to waste his time…this was comforting to hear in the moment. When it comes to titles, we both agreed we weren’t in a rush for it but saw it as a goal we were working towards. Just last week, I noticed his profile was still up. I didn’t ask him to take it down when we had the talk because I assumed he would on his own after that conversation. I didn’t bring it up yet, but right now I feel really fooled. On top of that, we were arguing all weekend over stupid things when we’ve never argued before. He ended the 2-day fight by saying “idk what’s been going on these past few days, but i think i need to apartment to myself this week and we can figure things out” – it’s been 3 days of 0 contact now, all of my stuff is still sitting at his place. I don’t think our argument was severe enough to merit a week of no contact. I’m really confused because I want to tell myself he took space due to stress caused by arguing but I can’t help but think he’s just looking to end it. Would love your 2 cents. Thanks!

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