How much does a wedding really cost?

What is the price to pay for love?

One of the key concerns many engaged Australian couples have is the cost of their wedding.

There are many factors to consider, from the cost of the ring and engagement party to the wedding reception, hired cars and honeymoon.

Other costs include the price of a DJ, flowers, celebrant and more. They all add up and, together, frequently blow the budget.

This uncertainty over cost may cause much stress leading up to the announcement of the engagement and beyond.

The pressure of ensuring everyone is invited to the wedding, particularly if one or both of the partners is from a large family, can result in a significant increase in the costs of the day. This can add even more to the stress.

So what can you and your partner do to ease the financial stress associated with your upcoming wedding?

How can you tweak the organisation to save money, yet still have a magical day? Here are some tips to help.

Most Australians think weddings costs are too high

You’re not alone. According to the Choosi Cost of Love Report, most Australians still regard the marriage ceremony as integral to a lasting relationship. However, they also consider the cost as too high. They consider the money spent on a lavish wedding is better used by putting it towards purchasing a property as the wiser investment.

Avoid a lavish wedding

So, don’t be pressured into having an expensive, lavish wedding, particularly if you come from a small family. A smaller, more intimate wedding (perhaps around 50 people) will cost far less than one that involves hundreds of people. Try a smaller, less salubrious location, like a park, beach or your (or a friend’s) backyard.

Budget meticulously

One of the best ways to save is to monitor all costs. Set a budget that you can afford, keep detailed accounts and seek other options if the costs blow out. Talk to married friends and family as part of your budgeting plan. They have “been there, done that” and may have invaluable advice about how to save on costs.

Consider an Australian honeymoon

The honeymoon costs usually comprise a considerable chunk of the budget. This may involve expensive overseas travel. However, have you considered an Australian honeymoon alternative? Not only will you enjoy world-class locations in any state or territory, but you’ll also be supporting Australian businesses. 

Dare to be different. For example, have you thought of a glamping (glamorous camping) honeymoon? Enjoy a camping honeymoon with a touch of glamour.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and wonderful days of your life. It needn’t spoiled by unnecessary concern over the amount of spending needed for the day. By budgeting closely and using some ingenious ideas to cut costs, you can have an unforgettable day at a fraction of the cost. This will reduce stress in the months leading up to the great day.

How much does a wedding cost? As much or as little as you wish. Good luck! 


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