How not to become a Psycho Ex Girlfriend !


Because sometimes there’s a little crazy in all of us…

Ahh the heartbreaking moment when you one true love decides to end your relationship, leaving you raw and raging! It’s not a pleasant feeling and sometimes our emotions (bless us) can get the better of us.

I mean it’s not that we meant to climb your fence to break into your house or sleep on your doorstep after calling you 345 times; it’s just sometimes we can lose our self in the moment (and our sanity for that matter)!

Perhaps you have been a little cray cray or you have had the honour of meeting your partner’s crazy ex girlfriend, either way we all know what I’m talking about here.

Now we can’t change people or force our ex lover to reunite with us (sadly kidnapping is illegal) but we can make sure that we don’t turn into one of those crazy ladies who we make fun of and warn our friends about!

No Contact ( say what?!)

Yes that’s right I’m asking you to do the unthinkable…stop all communication…cold turkey. This includes: texting, sexting, face to face, skyping, emailing, posting, phoning, via a friend, telegram and by pigeon!

When a break up occurs whether it is mutual or one sided there is still a grieving and healing process that will naturally take place. Whether you feel angry, sad or nothing at all, our hearts can take over our rational thinking and we can start to act out of our reaction to the situation, rather than practically deal with the pain.

This doesn’t mean you will have closure straight away, if anything you will be wanting a million questions answered and it will take all your will power not to act on that urge or even habit of calling your ex.

The point is you just need some space and distance to cool down, think logically, cry with your girls and regroup with yourself. If you still feel after a few weeks of no contact that there are things left unsaid which are integral to your closure (and no abuse or death threats are not essential, neither is reminding him when his next dental appointment was!) then write a letter.

Yep I’m talking about getting it all down on paper, and posting it along with all your pain. But if you do this, do so without expecting an answer and if one come DON’T REPLY!

Take up Yoga (or Boxing!)

That’s right it’s time to channel all that frustration, pain and energy into something that is positive and will make you fit and hot! Take up a new sport or a new hobby, distract your mind and keep your hands busy. Join group sessions so you are kept accountable for your attendance. Sweat out all that negative energy and punch out all those unsaid words and feelings! Get fit, get happy and get busy!

Buy yourself a Mirror

Random I know, but I say this so that you can look at yourself everyday to remind your brain and heart of your worth and value.

Don’t compromise who you are or your standards for a mere angry text or irrational action. Everyone has had heartache, you aren’t alone and this is just a season, you are better than some crazy lunatic who lets her past eat her up.

Look at yourself and start seeing the woman you want to become, remember your dreams and focus on the future and moving ahead.

A relationship does not define who you are and neither does a man, chin up girl and look at the beautiful woman staring back at you, take care of her!

Get a haircut!

That’s right, new season new hair-do, always works a treat and chances are you’ve already lost some hair due to stress anyway! Pamper yourself, get a facial, cut your hair, buy that blingy dress, and start looking after number 1(you).

It’s time to raise your confidence, feel sexy and start your new life looking and feeling fabulous because that’s just what you are. Lock the crazy girl in the cupboard and walk into this new chapter with a strong heart and clear mind (and great head of hair!)




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