How to Be Confident in Dating Again After Heartbreak

Moving on , isn’t always easy

Love can be a daunting pathway winding across an enchantingly beautiful forest of uncertainty, fear and mysteries.

The heart is a fragile organ that if not treated or returned as delicately as it was received, it is bound to undergo tremors – and mostly, break.

This happens when you welcome your significant other into the world within you that everyone on the outside cannot get an immediate glimpse of until and unless you choose to open up to them. The opening up of childhood stories, haunting insecurities, the fallouts of past relationships and all the memories that are made of the time spent together.

It becomes a huge part of you and we’re humans at the end of the day, so we naturally succumb to any glimpse of purpose that comes in our lives.

In love, your universe begins to revolve around the other person. It doesn’t have to be that way, again.

You wouldn’t be here if you doubted this purpose or if the purpose had wronged you. Okay, so I think we might be opening wounds here instead of reeling in the first aid kit but hold on, your heart will be on the highest of pedestals by the time you’ve read what we have to say.

So, let’s get over that ex, shall we?

We hold on to the fear of being left alone, of letting go of someone we dearly love and then never being able to love again. It’s just a fear, and nothing more – believe me.

Because once you move on from the things that have broken you, brought out negative sides of you that you didn’t even know existed and especially from those people that never saw your worth so they were complacent about you walking away; your heart will make room for better and more. If you feel hollowed out, it won’t be for too long.

You will heal over time

The best things in life have to come to those that know what they deserve and have waited and worked towards it. That vacuum of misery inside you right now will be replaced by warmth and kindness. That gleam in your eyes when you smile is bound to return because it’s been introduced to the world and the world wants to see more of it.

Imagine your heart as a flower. With every season, the flower blooms differently. If a flower gave up because Autumn chose to take away its colors, it will never witness and feel the beauty that Spring will adorn it with.

You will find someone, of course, you will!

Look for events where you can socialize and meet people that want to feel alive and experience something calming and beautiful.

Get busy getting out there

Keep a check on The Dating Directory’s What’s Hot section and come to these beautiful functions! Wear that graceful dress you’ve been eyeing for so long, style your hair up in the way you know you look the prettiest in and just be yourself when you’re conversing!

Have some fun

We make sure you get your quiet time, your dance time and that there’s enough going on like sky lanterns, cocktails by candlelight and that we welcome serious people that want an enriching relationship.

Get some coaching

Relationship coaches are also a brilliant way to regain your ground before you step into the world of dating. David Steele, Camelia Ray, David Wygant etc are one of the best licensed marriage and relationship therapists.

David Steele, for example, trains and mentors relationship coaches and helps find singles and couples find successful committed relationships.

Once you find someone that treats you better, appreciates your graces, picks you when you fall and teaches you how to love yourself by loving you right – you’re going to forget all about that person that did you wrong.

Dating isn’t as scary as people make it out to be!

Have an open heart and remember – don’t emotionally invest yourself in someone that hasn’t emotionally invested in you. You’re worth the fight.

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