How to come across as a confident woman on a dinner date

Dinner dates always come with a little more pressure…

Going for a casual coffee as opposed to a sit down dinner are two totally different comfort level zones . Especially if you haven’t been dating for a while and are just getting back into the game.

Dinner dates are for one a little more intimate and usually have higher expectations attached to them. Simply because it’s more formal, a longer amount of time to spend with someone and little bit more special.

So how do we come across as the fabulous confident woman we know we are? How do we leave him with a great impression and help take some of the nerves and anxiety out of the date?!

Here are a few practical tips to get you started: 

Dress To Impress

You hear me say it often , and the reason why it’s important to put that extra effort into your style and appearance , is not necessarily for him… but for yourself! When we look good we usually feel better about ourselves which we then exude though our energy and body language.

Take the time to choose an outfit that makes you feel beautiful and strong. If you aren’t happy with your current figure than invest in the right underwear to help make you feel more confident. It might sound crazy , but a good push up bra , sexy lingerie or shape wear can do wonders!

If you have no idea where to start then just stick to block colours , simply jewellery and a shoe that flatters your outfit and leg. Bright colours help to give you more confidence as they make you stand out . However a simple little black dress is also timeless and sexy.


Check Your Posture

Most of the time the first indication of our level of confidence is portrayed through our body language and posture. By straightening your back , pulling back your shoulders and tucking your tailbone under , you will look taller and more assertive.

If you are tall , own it! Try not to hump your shoulders , trust me everyone wants to be as tall as you!  High heels always help with posture but if you are a comfort queen in the shoe department then simple keep your head high to keep your posture in check.

Smile and Make Eye Contact

A confident woman is a woman who smiles a lot and makes eye contact. I’m not talking about having a stare off , but holding his gaze and looking at him directly when he talks. Trust me on this one , do these two simple things and he will be spellbound!

A bright smile and lots of laughter also indicates that you are happy and at ease. It will probably lighten the mood a little and give the whole date a more warmer feel.


Act Like A Wine And Food Pro

So most of the time it’s the guy who likes to order the wine, however why not try and show him that you know a thing or two! Not only does it offer him a challenge , but it also shows that you can hold your own!

If you know zilch about food or wine then do a little research , because  preparation is always key to coming across confident ( if you aren’t willing to bluff!)


Ask The Questions

If you are nervous about talking about yourself , then switch the conversation back to him. Ask him questions about himself so that you come across interested and assertive.

Have list of ideas and topics in your head prepared so that you don’t end up asking random things that take both him and you off guard!


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