How To Communicate When You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are typically more work than a relationship where partners are in close proximity to each other.

While many long distance relationships fail, occasionally there are special ones that have worked out and have worked out well, even for couples who have been as one for quite a long time and some way or another figured out how to live separated for an all-encompassing time.

While long distance connections aren’t for everybody, there is one BIG factor that helps determine if your long distance relationship will flourish; that factor is proper communication.

In this article:

  • How to communicate when you are in a long distance relationship

  • Be honest and open
  • How to be honest and open while protecting your heart
  • Use many different methods to communicate
  • Communicating with your cell phone
  • Other creative ways to communicate
  • Be aware of each other’s schedule
  • A few creative ways to manage schedules
  • Try to stay positive
  • Wrapping it up

How to communicate when you are in a long distance relationship

Long distance relationship


Here are a few tips to help your long distance relationship THRIVE no matter how far away you are from your partner:

Be honest and open

Being honest and open with your partner is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of ANY romantic relationship. Long distance relationships are especially vulnerable; you have to trust the one you are with as cheating is a lot more convenient when couples are hundreds and perhaps even thousands of miles away.

Key Takeaway: Being honest and open with your partner

is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of ANY romantic relationship.

How to be honest and open while protecting your heart

It is understandable that you may have some doubts about your partner’s fidelity as well as other concerns if most of your relationship has been spent apart. IF you are just entering a new long distance relationship and want to do a checkup on your partner, or even if you have been with your partner for a long time but perhaps suspect that they are hiding something from you (like perhaps they are married) my advice for you would be to run a detailed people search lookup on your partner to find out information on them and to verify their information. Running a people search on your partner is a discreet way to find information on them.

Thanks to the many technological advances over the last 150 years, there are plenty of ways for you and your long distance partner to communicate!

Here are some ideas if you are stuck finding ways to communicate in your relationship:

Communicating with your cell phone

Long distance relationship on cell phone 

Cell phones allow you to call or video chat with your partner. You can  also send each other cute texts as well as download a plethora of apps that help you communicate with one-another in a unique way.


For example, Avocado is an app that allows partners to stay connected privately and has unique features like letting you know when your significant other’s phone is dying so you don’t panic when they don’t answer your phone calls.


There are PLENTY of ways you can use your phone to communicate. I’ve even heard of couples video chatting while taking a walk in the park together (in separate parks-but still! So cute)!

Other creative ways to communicate

Love letters


You can also get off your phone and be more creative! Write your partner a note or send them a postcard from where you are, whether you are traveling or just at home.

Send them a package of their favorite things to let them know that you are thinking about them. Deliver pizza to their workplace.

Communication just isn’t about opening your mouth, it is about showing your partner that you care about them non-verbally as well.

Be aware of each other’s schedule

Making time- checking schedule

An important part of communication when you are far away is understanding each other’s schedule. Communicating when the both of you are working , what time zone you  are in (so you don’t call at all hours of the night), perhaps when your partner is taking classes or when you are having a night with friends will help the two of you avoid miscommunication and trust issues.


A few creative ways to manage schedules:

  1. A shared calendar app

  2. Carve out time specifically for your relationship 

  3. Try to stick to your routine schedules as much as possible

  4. If something changes in your schedule, share the change with your partner (and vice versa)

Try to stay positive

Unfortunately with any long distance relationship there is going to be unavoidable uncertainty and nervousness.


You might spend every day thinking about how to make your relationship last, you might even question if your partner is wondering whether or not your relationship is worth the extra effort and mental turmoil. You might even consider doing something that makes you uncomfortable because you are afraid that your partner may leave or cheat on you.


In any case, your anxiety about your long distance relationship may be a constant part of your relationship.


While these feelings of anxiety are normal, you need to have a discussion about your feelings with your partner if they are causing an issue in your relationship. They may open up to you as well. Additionally, know that worrying isn’t going to help. If you are not meant to be you will know. Eventually if you are meant to be you will get through it. Remember that you can lookup your partner if you have any doubts on them, but for the most part you need to trust them if you are going to be in a relationship with them.

Wrapping it up

Communication is key in any relationship, whether you are five minutes from your partner or five hours. Make sure to always keep communication open with your partner while also forgetting not to have fun!

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