How to create the ideal dating profile


Want to stand out?

Looking for Mr. or Ms. Right is a hunt, but, thankfully, in the age of social media and online dating sites, the hunt can be a bit more strategic and refined. Still, though, the creation of the perfect profile can affect the search.

You never want to go overboard on details, but you also need to present a fair representation of you. Pictures are worth 1000 words, and dating professionals are quick to note what types of pictures influence a right swipe. And then there are the details you cannot control. Unfortunately, some professional fields just attract more attention.

So what can you control? We’ve posted about pictures, and, in the dating world,images are a must. As we’ve discussed, you need a collection of face shots and full-body shots. We advise that men should wear understated colors like grays and blacks, and bright colors help women stand out online. Pets in the photos also are a fun addition—plus they provide conversation starters with other pet-lovers!

Be honest about your lifestyle, because, really, the right person should love you for you. But don’t go too overboard with details, because a profile shouldn’t be a book. If you don’t love sports, include passions that you do adore. If meditation, crystal energy or mindful living is important to you, then be sure to discuss that in your profile. You are looking for a like-minded soul, after all!

The craziest advice may come from Wired regarding what words get the best results in the world of online profiles. Apparently, surfing is one of the top words for popular profiles. If you love the ocean, mention it! That blue water might rack up some attention. Just don’t try to game the system by pushing a sport or activity you know nothing about. Deception isn’t so sexy!

While appearances may be what many obsess over the most, don’t always judge a book by its cover. Some use photoshop or other means to get the best angles. Be wary of ‘shopping your pictures, because while flawlessness may get you a few more dates, again, the in-person meeting may show your date that you haven’t been fully honest. And definitely don’t use someone else’s image; catfishing isn’t cool!


Need more tips and tricks on how to curate your ideal dating profile? Check out the infographic for more ideas!

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