How to do your make-up for a date! ( guest post Neena B)

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First date impressions are usually lasting impressions.

That feeling that you get when the object of your affection plucks up the courage to ask your hot self out is no doubt loaded with elation, excitement, nerves and of course, curiosity.

Will it be the start of your next relationship? Will he be ‘The One’? Where will the end of the night lead? And of course: ‘What the hell am I going to wear?!’

Now, I’m not just talking about the decision between your LBD or skinny leg pants either, I’m talking about what this guy should mainly be focused on – your face!
So, here’s a few helpful tips for the best way to make sure he sees your inner beauty via your outer beauty. Oh, and for the taken ladies, take note also, because it never hurts to find a new way to add some spice into date night. You follow? Good. Let’s go…

The look that the gorgeous Katy Perry has here is completely first date worthy; Flirty, fresh, not too OTT and super glowy. When I think ‘first date makeup’ this is where I go, this is a look that takes you to your happy place, here’s how to get it:

When we’re nervous, we’re prone to sweat that bit more, so let’s ensure that is translated as a glow instead and remember to prime the face and use a foundation that is slightly matte, not too heavy, but just so that you’ve got shine control, still letting you feel and look yourself. The only caking on this date should be on your plate at an amazing restaurant, not on your face.

CHEEKS: Skip overly contoured cheekbones and just give yourself a flushed, fresh look with a blush that slightly illuminates as well, as if to hint you are in a relaxed state of pleasure. It’s sweet, but a little sexy and cheeky too.

LIPS: For the lips, it’s best to save that hot red shade for a sneaky night out with the girls – remember, you want this guy to be invited in without the threat of being left looking like he’s been mauled by a crayon! You do want to make your luscious lips alluring still of course, so at the same time, a nude just won’t cut it. Try a sheer pink, as it’s flattering, but not intimidating and by the same account, wear just a hint of gloss that doesn’t scream ‘stick to me, baby!’

EYES: The eyes are the windows to the soul, right? So make them the focal point by creating a smokey eye with shimmering bronze and coffee bean matte toned browns, as it flatters every eye colour. Brows should be defined, but don’t freak the poor man out with harsh lines, use a powder for soft definition. Lashes should be utterly flutter worthy to amp up the flirt, so use a mascara that’ll curl and define like no other.

Oh, and try act aloof when he’s picking he’s jaw up from the floor as you walk in…Goodluck!

Yours truly,

Neena B. xx

Katrina (AKA Neena B.), a Western Australian based Make-Up Artist, Beauty Therapist, Blogger of beauty, wife and mother to gorgeous twin boys. Irrationally passionate about all of the above. Love Letters To Beauty is my ode to our fascinating and captivating industry and where one can read about all the aspects from my professional, personal and always honest point of view and learn how to look and feel amazing with their own beauty look. I’ll take you beyond the superficial stereotype and show you the art. Follow the letters at, and on Instagram @loveletterstobeauty



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