How to get your ex back

Breaking up with a boyfriend / girlfriend or a lover can be one of the hardest and most heart breaking situations.

Often there are times when couples break uppurely on the basis of misunderstandings and not because they have fallen out of love.

If you have recently broken up with the love of your life and want to win him / her back, we have some simple tips and suggestions that will help.

These tips have proven to be effective in several breakup cases in the past.Everything you need to know about the magic of making up.

Figure Out The Cause Of Your Breakup

The most important thing for you to do before you try to win back the love of your ex, is figuring out the cause of the breakup. If you had cheated and that’s the reason of your breakup, you will need to be extremely patient and calm with your ex and you will also need to put in a lot of efforts to win back his / her trust.

If you had broken up because of some silly misunderstandings, then you need to work on being a lot more cooperative and patient in the relationship.

Hence, the first step to winning back your love is understanding the cause of the breakup and working on amends in accordance.

Avoid Behaving Desperate And Needy

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a person who is desperate and needy. While getting back together with your ex may require a lot of work towards the damaged relationship, at the same time that shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind.

If your ex feels like you’re just being needy, obsessive and controlling, then getting back together may be harder than you imagined. Work towards getting back together but at the same time you need to focus on yourself.

Get out with friends again, take up a new hobby, focus harder on work and so on.

Keeping yourself busy will avoid the situation where you constantly obsess over the breakup. It will also prevent you from making your ex claustrophobic.

Figure Out Where Your Ex Stands On This Matter

Getting backtogether is not just a one-sided thing. You need to figure out where your ex stands on this point. If he has fallen out of love with you, or he has moved on, there are slim chances that you will get back together with him.

Figuring out your ex’s stand on the whole situation doesn’t imply that you send out common friends to spy and take out information. You need to do this yourself.

Look out for hints and suggestions when you run into him. Study his body language. Monitor (without stalking) his social media updates.

These things will help you understand his take on the situation and if he shows the slightest hints of interest, the chances of you getting back together are bright.

If you find that he is posting photos with someone else, or is showing signs of unlimited happiness and freedom, that’s your cue to back out of trying.

Get Yourself Back In Shape And Improve Your Overall Appearance

If you’re going to look like a miserable potato, nobody is going to want to get back together with you. People don’t appreciate it when other people just mope around and feel sorry for themselves.

Additionally, if you have put on weight during the duration of your relationship, it’s time you shed those extra pounds. Join a gym, take up running, indulge in yoga.

If you start looking good and well-maintained, it will help in capturing the attention of your ex. Dress well when you know you’re going to run into him too.

Start Dating Again!

Yes! This may sound odd, but you need to put yourself back in the single’s market if you want to get back together with your ex. When you start dating other people, your ex will get the news of the same.

If he still loves you and is still interested in you, this may hit him like a rock and may make him take the first step towards reconciling.

You don’t need to get physically intimate with the people you’re dating. Even just hanging out with other singles from the opposite sex maybe enough to give your ex a reality check and get him back.

Handle Things Maturely

Once you have taken some time off from your ex (a month or so), the next step is personal contact. You need to handle this step very maturely and practically.

If you truly want to win your ex back, give him a call and ask him to meet you in person. Make sure that you meet him at the destination itself and neither of you fetch the other because if things don’t go as per plan, it will be an extremely awkward ride back.

When you meet you ex talk openly about how you feel.

Figure out where he stands on this and hear it for yourself from the horse’s mouth. If he still loves you but just needs a little bit of time, give him his space and he will come around.

If he has moved on, there’s not much you can do and being desperate about it will only ruin whatever is left too. Hence, handle his very carefully and smartly. Play it cool and be prepared for all situations and outcomes in your meeting.

Getting back together with your ex doesn’t necessarily have to be impossible. It can be simple and very easy. People often breakup due to pure misunderstanding.

When both parties in the relationship have cooled off and finally had the time to think straight, they may realise that they truly love each other.

You too can make things work with your ex if you just are a little practical and smart when handling the situation. Follow our tips and suggestions to smartly and successfully win back the love of your life!

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