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It’s “workshop Wednesday ” which basically means a new quick little post for you ladies to get you through the rest of the week, focused , energised and ready for life !

Yes I really am posting tips on how to flirt, because believe it or not it isn’t a genetic trait, or something you can pick up at the grocery store and not everyone knows how to do it !

Flirting whether it be with a new man, your husband or the hottie who makes you coffee (if you are single!) is a easy way to gain the attention of your man and keep him interested!

As women we seem to have this kind of magical power over men ( to some degree!) whereby a single look, movement, flick of the hair or smile can stop them in their tracks.

For some ladies it does come naturally while others have no idea and either start to “friendzone” men or scare them away because they act like desperado! So here is a few Do’s and Don’t’s to get you on your way:

Tips on flirting


  • Smile and look from underneath your eyelashes up at him. Eye contact is sexy.
  • Lightly touch him when laughing at his joke.
  • Be playful in your comments and a little bit fiery with your responses.
  • Don’t always give him an answer straight away but sometimes just a smile is a good thing, keep the mystery about you.
  • Turn your body and legs towards him, body language is everything.
  • Play with your hair.
  • Touch your neck and ear delicately and casually
  • Chew slowly, make your movements smooth and drawn out
  • Apply lip gloss / lipstick in a smooth and confident movement in from of him and then rub your lips together
  • Be confident but not cocky
  • Listen to what he says and calculate your answers
  • Have fun and relax!


  • Don’t flutter your eye lashes, he’ll just think you have something in your eye or you have a tick!
  • Don’t death stare him down.
  • Laugh if it is funny, make it natural, try not to snort and cackle!
  • Don’t allude to sex in your comments and don’t shut him down.
  • Mystery is great, but make your responses’ more than one word long ” good” and “because” are dead ends.
  • I said turn your legs towards him , don’t sit on top of him, let the man breathe!
  • Play with your hair  in a normailsh way , don’t knot it around your finger and get it stuck there!
  • Touch your neck lightly, don’t strangle yourself or start cleaning your ears!
  • But don’t chew your food so slow you look like a cow eating grass.
  • Make sure you locate your lips properly first, and only apply one coat, not 50 million so you look like a slippery face clown.
  • Confidence is everything, but let him be the man, let him impress you ( no arm wrestling to prove you are strong!)
  • No, like actually listen, and concentrate so when he asks you, you don’t have to answer with ” hahahah…what?”
  • Relax to a point of still being in control, don’t slap him on the back or put your feet up on the table.

And of course ladies, don’t forget to be yourself and enjoy the moment. Have fun flirting!



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