How to get your girlfriend back.| Win her back

Breaking with someone you love is difficult.

You might wake up one night over a bad dream and want to tell your significant other about it. However, you discovered that her place next to you is empty and cold.

Then suddenly, you realized that she is now your ex and she broke up with you a few weeks ago. You can know more about breakups in this link.

Many men go into a lot of emotions when it comes to getting back their girlfriends, especially if she was a cheating girlfriend. You might be feeling grief, anger, betrayal, and desperation as of the moment and wanted to get her back now.

If you are reading this, then that just means that you don’t only miss your girl but you also want to get her back in your life. This time, for good.

Here are Some Tips to Get Her Back

  1. Stop Pushing Your Ex Away

Many guys will want to beg at the girl’s front door and text her non-stop throughout the day after a breakup. Note that this won’t do any good because women won’t go back to men who are weak. The more you text, call, and chat her, the more you become a nuisance in her life. You can read more about neediness here: 

What you can do for now is to process your own emotions. Take a step back. Never appear to be desperate even if you discovered that your girl is sleeping with someone else. In a lot of cases, a relationship week after a breakup is just considered a rebound relationship and it will not last. What you can do for now is chill, entertain yourself, and reflect if you really wanted her back in your life.

  1. Figure Out What Went Wrong

The first thing that you need to figure out after you have broken contact with your ex is what caused the breakup in the first place. You might show her too much love and too much affection that she suddenly sees you as a needy person.

There’s nothing wrong in showing love to her especially if it is genuine. However, things can go downhill if you two had a fight and you suddenly bought her some earrings that she wanted for a very long time. You did not necessarily shower her with love and affection.

You just avoided the underlying issue of the fight by buying a piece of jewelry for her.

What you can do is after you have processed your grief, you might want to contact her again by texting her simple messages.

If you were given a chance to meet with her in your favorite coffee shop, you might promise to spend more time with her if you neglected her in the past. If she can’t see a future with you, you might want to tell her that you finally want to get married and have children with her. You can know more about these tips on this website.

Make sure that this is genuinely what you wanted and you don’t just say these things because you want her back.

If you cheated on her or hurt her in some way, you have to accept that you are only human and sometimes you screw up. Work on yourself and get her to trust you again.

Give her hope that the cheating episode only happened once and you promised that it will not happen again because you have realized your mistakes.

  1. Work on Yourself

Working on yourself is a very important step in getting her back. If you let yourself go during the relationship, start by exercising daily and eating a balanced diet.

Show her that you are taking care of yourself. This will make her realize that you are not dependent on her in any way. Do not show her through social media that you began the habit of smoking or drinking as this will only drive her away.

You might think that she will pity you and come back to you if you make her realized that she has ruined your life by breaking up with you but this is not the case at all. She might even avoid you like the plague and won’t want to speak with you again.

After all, a woman will never go back to a drunkard or a man who started bad habits just because of a broken relationship as it will make things messier in the future.

Aside from these tips, there are a lot of other things that you can do in order to get her back. Research, read articles, and consult with the experts if you need more advice. Make sure that you don’t mess up as some men only have one chance to get back the most important woman in their lives.

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