How to Know Your Love Is Real


When we fall in love the world is an amazing place. It’s as if we are floating. The world gets even better when the person we love wants to marry us, but that’s when the thoughts start churning.

Is my love real? Before you say “I do,” here are a few ways you can tell that your love is for real.


You Trust Them


This is the biggest clue: trust. A true relationship cannot exist without trust. When you trust someone without a second thought that means you know deep down inside that your love is for real.

If you don’t want to let your partner out of your sight, that is an indicator that you feel they may wander off and do something they are not supposed to do. 


You Aren’t Afraid to Be Yourself


Whether it’s waking up looking a mess, failing at something in front of them, or not thinking twice about your actions or words, being your authentic true self in front of your lover means your love is real.

If you have to constantly be hyper-aware of what you are doing and saying, that means you are on a mission to look perfect in their eyes. 


True love doesn’t seek perfection, it seeks a deep connection that is unbreakable and a connection that cannot be had by any other people.


It’s About the Marriage, Not the Party


A lot of people are getting married just to have the party and wear the dress. It’s sad to say, but it’s true. If your marriage is simply about the love then you won’t worry about things like dainty engagement rings, the size of a venue, the number of flowers, or posting everything on social media. 


Getting married is a social and public act where you invite people to witness the bonding of your love. If it becomes about something other than that, you may want to rethink why you are getting married in the first place. 



There Are No Negative Emotions


If you are in a relationship with someone and you are feeling bad more than you are feeling good, then maybe it’s not true love. When you are in a true love relationship, you always feel great.

The other person wants what’s best for you, and you want the same for them in return. 


When your relationship starts making you second guess your self-worth, your motives, and who you are as a person, then it may be more an infatuation. 


The Games Are Over


When you truly love someone and that love is reciprocated, there is never a need to play a game. Long gone will be those impulses to start a fight, stalk them on socials, or text them constantly. What it will be replaced with is confidence, trust, and true love…for yourself. 


A lot of times, we play games because of how we feel about ourselves and not so much about how we feel about the other person. True love takes all of our self-doubt away.


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