How to make your next date or anniversary unique and unforgettable

A new level of dating has arrived…

I am someone who is massive about making time to date , especially if you are married or in a long term relationship. Dating your partner or spouse shouldn’t stop just because you have the commitment.

If anything it should become a priority and a part of your routine , because setting time aside to make each other feel special never goes out of style.

But we all know that planning a social night or day takes time and effort that we sometimes don’t have a lot of. Especially if there are children to be looked after , businesses to run or maybe your brain is just out of creative ideas.

That’s why I’m pretty bloody excited to tell you about a fab company I found that actually organises tailor made dates for you.

Yep!  Date Detour is the dating site for couples who want someone else to plan the date for them in a fun, unique and creative way.

The Lowdown

Essentially this company offers a few different ways to tailor make your date something fabulous . This isn’t just another date night, it’s an actual experience that involves mystery locations , clues , little surprises and basically V.I.P service along the way.

It’s not something that you would do every single time , but rather when you really want to mark an occasion or feel like mixing it up and making it really special.

Their signature, mystery date has been the most popular offering since Date Detour’s launch earlier in the year. The couple are simply told the dress code, the time and address.

There is also an option to subscribe to one mystery date per month for those wanting to invest in their relationship and forfeit date planning control.

How it works

All you need to do is choose which type of date experience you want: Mystery or Bespoke.   The mystery date is probably my favourite because it’s like going on a treasure hunt adventure … Basically all you are told is what to wear, time and address and then you turn up .

The first location might not even be the final destination , but rather the clue to your next date.

Whereas your bespoke package is all about letting the girls behind date Detour work their magic to make your date experience fit your requirements whilst adding that extra bit of magic on top!

And the cost?

Yup this one does cost a little more, because their is so much time and effort put into tailoring each date. Packages start from $295 per couple , which isn’t that much when you consider a nice dinner and drinks night out is around the same price!

Relationships  require an investment of time , energy and money (let’s be honest)! And spending a couple of hundred bucks on an totally unique and exciting experience is a great way to celebrate an anniversary , bring you closer together and prioritise your relationship .



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