How to own your past and use it to build the love you want

How do you turn 10 years of bad dates into finding the one?

It’s something that I personally had no idea how to do when I was going through it.

For starters I never even knows I was dating narcissists until I broke free of those toxic relationships and had a few light bulb moments.

As a dating and relationship coach people often ask me how did I turn it all around and what is my top dating advice for finding a healthy and thriving relationship?

Well I unfold everything in Part 1 of the podcast interview I did with renowned love expert Dr Karin on her podcast Love and Life 

In this interview I share :

My #1 bit of advice for women dating today!
•What men are really looking for on a first date.
•How MEN get objectified…
•The ONE reason a man will commit to a woman.
•How entitlement negatively affects the dating culture.
•What women all too often fail to understand about men.
•The only two reasons people stay single.
•The concrete things you can do TODAY to free yourself from a toxic relationship.
•Why we need to date ourselves FIRST—and keep dating ourselves even when we’re in relationships!

Want to hear it now? Tune in and listen to part 1 of the Love and Life podcast and stay tuned for the second half next week!

Originally posted 2019-07-25 17:56:43.

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