How to reclaim your Self-Esteem


We’ve all had those bad days, when we feel like we just aren’t enough. Whether it’s  a boy who broke your heart or your boss is on your back , or maybe that friend has beat you down. Either way feeling broken and worthless is not an ideal emotion and it’s something that we should aim to recover from as quick as possible.

Rejection doesn’t mean that your aren’t good enough, it means that either that timing , place or opportunity wasn’t meant for you. As hard as it can be to get back on our feet again and feel confident , we need to shake ourselves up and try and move forward .

Here are a few tips on how to get yourself back on your feet and feeling whole and happy once again from our friends at Flirtio :

What’s important to remember is that boosting your confidence and mindset is a combination of both mental and physical action. We often think ” I’ll just wait till I feel better”, but that’s just the thing, the longer you base your choices on feelings the more you delay progress and happiness.

It’s small choices and habits everyday that form our life. Change your thinking and you change your day . Throw in some positive actions and you can change your whole life.

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