How To Rekindle Your Relationship

When the flame burns low…

In most relationships, there comes a time when passions subside and the initial spark is lost.

If that happens, it’s up to the couple to rekindle the old flames again but that’s often easier said than done.

Unfortunately, many couples e give up to easily too soon and split up, but if you feel there’s still love left worth fighting for, do your best to avoid heartbreak and take steps to light the spark once more. 

Here are some suggestions that can help you bring love back into your relationship. 

Insist on quality

It’s a great advantage being physically attractive and beautiful but we all know looks tend to fade and they’re rarely worth anything if not backed up by brains and character.

Most people prefer dating partners who are sensible, intelligent and funny and often give prominence to these traits over good looks. 

Insisting on quality means being focused on more permanent values than looks, such as putting in effort to make the other person happy by organising activities you can do together.

 By taking care of yourself, your health and fitness so you can both engage in various fun activities and go on travel adventures or just simply being able to make meaningful conversation and laugh together. 

Be a good listener

A part of a good quality relationship is learning to be a good listener. There are many moments when we ask our partners how their day was but we don’t stick around to listen to the answer.

Try to change this because when you listen to your partner carefully, you are acknowledging their existence and showing they mean a lot to you

. It’s a way of investing in the quality of your relationship.

If you refuse to do this, partners tend to find someone else who will give them the attention they crave for, so make an effort to what they say and understand how they feel.

Respond with meaningful phrases, give sensible and compassionate advice and offer help in finding appropriate solutions. 

Work on your romance

There are many factors crucial for the stability and durability of a relationship and romance is not necessarily one of them but it is something our hearts crave for the most.

We might say that romance is one of the crucial elements of the foundation of a relationship that helps avoid the rut and boredom. 

Whether big or small, romantic gestures help us inspire each other to be expressive of our love and to keep working on our relationship so that we both feel happy and fulfilled.

And, it’s a constant reminder of how much our partner means to us.

Romance means different things to different people so it can range from simple tokens of attention such as getting your partner flowers, their favourite snack in the middle of the day or hiding cute notes in their pockets.

Letting them choose what you watch on TV and cooking their favourite meal to more unusual ones such as taking them on surprise trips to exclusive destinations, buying an engraved gift, creating a special room in the house just form them and their hobby or flying in their friends or family from afar that they love but haven’t seen in a while.

Spend time together

Once you’ve hit a certain age, going out and partying with your friends until the wee hours of the night is no longer that attractive.

Most of us would rather snuggle up at home, watch a movie, have a nice dinner and wake up tomorrow fresh and rested. 

Don’t feel bad if you feel like this as the point is in spending time together and not where you spend it. Invest the energy you have in creating your own romance and organise a romantic evening at home with a candle-lit dinner, great food and excellent wine.

Take it one step further and make it a glam night in the comfort of your own home all dressed up in fancy clothes. 

There’s a reason to go shopping in exclusive dress stores to find a dress that will make your partner fall in love with you all over again!

Make him dress his finest suit as well so both of you can feel more confident and special and enjoy the beautiful sight of each other.

Little things mean a lot

Giving and sharing shouldn’t only be reserved for the holiday season. Make an effort to surprise your partner with little things that can often mean a lot.

As mentioned before, it’s a small sign of attention and a token of your appreciation that is intended to lift the spirits of your loved one and remind them how much you care.

For instance, instead of making your usual phone call during the day, send romantic text messages or even a regular note in an envelope delivered by either a courier or a close cooperative friend.

In the same way, send a little gift wrapped thoughtfully with a surprise inside or a big bouquet of favourite flowers. An occasional surprise gift can help reignite the old spark and encourage romance in the best way possible. 

Add some humour!

The final component in your relationship is humour which will always help make everything exciting and thrilling. Humour will always help diffuse any tension and it will spice up your life.

By laughing together, you and your partner will strengthen your bond and bring you closer.

Humour involves honesty especially in difficult situations when it prevents the escalation of negative emotions. It smooths out the bumps on the road and helps you feel better about yourselves without attaching too much importance.

It may not constitute a big part of your relationship or form its backbone, but it will bring you together and break down your guard.

These little gestures will show your support and that is an essential ingredient of every relationship even when the physical interest may have weakened. It will help break the monotony of your relationship and inspire you to be more spontaneous and maintain excitement and interest in your lives. 


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