How to respond to sex texts and inappropriate messages

When you get one of “those” texts….what do you do?

Let’s face it , sext texts and dick pics are amongst the norm nowadays thanks to technology , less accountability and dying chivalry …sigh. If you have ever received an inappropriate message than you will know the frustration and disappointment that comes with getting one.

So how can we respond in such a way that we set clear boundaries and also keep away anyone who doesn’t respect them? Is it harmless flirting or is it actually harassment?

In this video I want to talk about the type of message that are just testing the boundaries ( obviously anyone who send s a dick pic should be eliminated) .

Here are my tips on how to respond the right way so that you can stay classy , firm and also know if this guy is one who is able to respect you.

How To Respond To Sex Texts and Sexual Messages From Him.



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  • Jen says:

    The guy I have been seeing, asked me a shirtless picture, as a person with a odd sense of humour, I’ve sent him picture of my leg 😂 I had this idea before I’ve watched your video, I’ve just sent the leg picture after your video Zane he just responded quickly with a good response.

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