How to survive ( and still enjoy) Valentine’s Day as a SINGLE !


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Valentine’s day , otherwise known as “International Singles Day” it becomes this one time of the year which we face with dread, yet secretly hope that maybe just maybe a dozen red roses will appear on our desk by a mystery admirer ?! Alas as we fight our way through the endless outpourings of love, piles of chocolates and sappy cards and look up at the delivery man longingly each time he pops into our work, we can start to feel a little…well jilted on such a day! But just because every couple is celebrating not dying alone doesn’t mean we have to miss out on such festivities or become slave to those inevitable looks of pity and patronising comments like:“ it’ll happen next year for you” or “ it’s overrated anyway, just a stupid gimmicky day” … *cough …yeah right like I’m sure you just hate that big bunch of flowers sitting on your desk!? #justsayin

1: Enjoy this season

Being single is not a death sentence, nor does it define who you are or your foreseeable future; it’s just a season. So stop comparing yourself to every other chocolate stuffed, flower clutching couple around you. This is a day that is to celebrate love and relationships so why not celebrate the love and relationship you have with yourself. It takes a stronger person to be happy alone then it does for someone to rely on someone else to complete their happiness.  Yes it’s nice to be romanced and adored on such a nationally recognised day, but let’s not lose perspective on our own personal situation because of a mere 24 Hallmark hours.

2: Group Therapy!

Hello this is what I’m talking about! Now you have the perfect excuse to gather your best friends around you and celebrate each other and your friendship. Book something in advance and try to make plans so that when the dreaded V- day arrives you have something fun to look forward to. Just because you are single does not mean you have to be lonely or alone on this day, make the most of the opportunity in a productive and positive way!

3: Indulge yourself

Make yourself feel valued by spending some time nurturing what you love or even pampering your body. Go get a massage, go shopping, do a workout, play some golf or whatever it is that gives you peace and pleasure! Indulge your senses and organise a date with yourself ( so to speak) understand how important it is to have down time and enjoy your own company. Learn how to be happy on your own…and what better way to do that then by doing it via some spoiling!

4: Reality check

You are not going to die alone with 72 cats, this is only one day in the entire year that you have to get through, hang in there! Don’t let this day or the build up to it cloud your thinking or get you down, you are an amazing piece of human who deserves the best and the right date will come at the right time. Relationships require consistent hard work, the romance should be daily and both parties should never stop dating each other. In other words look beyond the red roses sitting on your friend’s table, because the reality behind the flowers could be quite different to what this day makes us perceive.

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