How to tell he’s a genuine guy ; here are the signs!

Want to know if he is for real and is being a genuine guy?

Worried that he is too good to be true? It’s a normal reaction when you finally end up connecting with someone that likes you and makes you feel valued.

It something all of us want to experience , but when it actually happens we tend to get dubious about it all and leave ourselves open to self sabotage!

So here is what you need to look for as a guideline :

Here are my signs to tell that he’s a genuine guy :

1) He’s not in a rush- Because he is enjoying getting to know you over time and loves spending time with you.

2) He’s consistent in his words and actions – the two line up and you know he isn’t lying or playing games

3) He prioritises you – He makes time in his schedule for you and communicates that time with you matters.

4) Communication is frequent – he texts , calls and follows up and doesn’t leave big long silences in-between seeing each other because he cares about you and wants to know how you are.

5) He wants you to be authentic- he wants you to be you and enjoys seeing you be vulnerable and not always perfect.


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