How to tell if he just wants sex

So you’ve met a guy , but how do you know if he is in it for a long time and not just a good time?

In this day and age the majority of people become intimate earlier on , it doesn’t however always mean that that was their sole purpose for dating. Most people date because they actually want to build a real relationship and are searching for love.

However we all know that some guys are only after a fling , not a long term thing… so how do we sort the players from the stayers?


Whilst we don’t want to interrogate every man we date or hold back being able to let them in for fear of rejection, it’s good to be able to know the signs so you can avoid an unmet expectation.

The best way to avoid confusing these signs is by setting a standard and knowing what to look for. So here is a little video to help you know whether or not he just wants a hook up or if he is after something a little more serious :

How to tell if he just wants to hook up for sex

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