How To Tell You Are Being Catfished!

Did you know that in one year alone, 15,372 people reported being catfished?

Now if you’re wondering what the heck is catfishing, I’m going to tell you exactly what catfishing is and how to actually spot a catfisher online so that you don’t get scammed or fall for somebody who isn’t who they really are.

I want to talk about online dating and some of the dangers that are out there. One of those things that we need to really be aware of is catfishing.

What is a Catfisher?

I’m talking about when people actually create a fake profile to lure you in to either scam you out of money, maybe nude photos, or start having a fake relationship with you so that they can feel whatever sick desires they have in their head.

Either way, it isn’t something that is healthy, but it is actually something that is incredibly rampant.

The first thing you need to do to spot a catfisher is do a reverse photo search.

This is probably the most simplest and easiest and quickest way to actually spot a catfisher, is check if their photo is actually their photo.

You might be wondering how the heck do I do that? It is really simple. All you need to do is pop into Google reverse photo search and it’ll give you a couple of options where you can then put that photo of whatever their profile picture is and see if it’s actually being used somewhere else.

I have seen so many stories and I’ve actually had clients where they’ve had this awesome looking guy contact them and they thought, “Hang on a second, that picture actually looks really familiar.”

They’ve done a reverse photo search and actually found out that it was another male model and his photos were being used by this catfisher. If unsure and it sounds too good to be true, then do a reverse photo search first to work out, okay, is this person even using their real identity?


Number two, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

When we go online, we are obviously searching for love, and a lot of the time I see women get caught up in these scams because they’re really hoping that they find this dream person that they’ve been looking for their whole life.

You know what? Online dating is a great way to be able to connect with somebody, but you have to remember that online dating is about connecting first and then getting to know the person offline.

Actually getting to know them in the flesh, not over distance, not over messaging, and definitely not just through a computer screen.

Now, if they have painted a picture to you about how amazing they are, they rescue orphans in Africa, they own three castles, they want to marry you after they’ve only known you for three weeks, then chances are they’re probably elaborating and trying to move things too fast to build a false sense of security between you and them so that they can gain your trust.

Then what they do is once they gain your trust, or your emotional involvement, is that is when they’ll hit you.

They will either take you for a ride, or they will actually take you for money or they will scam you out of something else.


Number three, they want your money.

There are so many scams out there and it actually really surprises me how many people go and give money to other people that they’ve never even met.

I don’t want you to go and send money to people that you don’t even know in person or that you don’t even really have a real relationship with.

Now, there are a lot of ladies out there that I have observed from a distance who I’ve either worked with or who’s even commented on my videos in my channel about the fact that you’re in a long distance relationship with somebody and then they’ve gone and asked you for money.

These were large sums of money when you don’t really see them, you’re still getting to know them and things aren’t adding up.

In my honest opinion, if you’re dating somebody, why would they ask you for money in the first place?

That’s not something that you really do or discuss until maybe you’ve had a solid relationship with somebody and you really know their true character and intentions.

So if somebody asks you for money early in when you’re starting to get to know them online, I can probably 99.9% guarantee that they are a scammer, that they’re catfishing you, and that they’re taking you for a ride.

Number four, they want to move things really fast.

Yet at the same time they don’t want to meet up or they never really want to do a video call with you and you never really see well who they actually are.

When somebody wants to catfish you, as I said before, they want to try and build this idea of what it is that they can give you.

That’s why they do sound too good to be true. That’s why they always contact you constantly and you think, “Yes, I finally got a guy who is prioritizing me.”

But if they don’t actually follow up with video calls where you can actually see their face, and if there’s a lot of inconsistencies between what they say and what they do and they’re trying to speed up this online romance when you haven’t actually met in person, that really is a red flag that this person is in a rush.

You’ve got to ask yourself, “Okay, well why are they in a rush when I haven’t even really had a chance to get to know them and I don’t even know who I’m building something with?”

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Okay, number five. They always have excuses.

As I was saying before in point number four, there seems to be some sort of inconsistencies and incongruencies, which is they say they’re going to call you and they’re going to do this and they’re going to meet up, but then they never actually follow through.

Or their story starts to change when they say, “Oh, I’ve got a sick son, or I’ve got a sick child,” or, “I’m living in this country,” but then you’re like, ”

But didn’t you say you were living in this country and doing something like that?” If there are holes in their stories and things don’t really feel like they’re adding up, well then they’re probably making it up.

If somebody is speaking the truth to you, there won’t be gaps or holes in their stories and things will actually make sense when you think about it, and what they say they will actually follow through with.


Lastly, number six, it just feels off.

Girls, I believe that we have women’s intuition for a reason, and that’s usually that gut feeling where we’re thinking  this just doesn’t feel right…

Why are they asking me for money?

Why are they saying they’re going to video call me and then they don’t?

Why is it that they’re saying this part of their story, but then it doesn’t really make sense with this part of their story?”

If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. That’s why you should straight away go to point number one, which is do a reverse photo search and even see if they’re using the proper identity, and then go through all the other points and add it up.

I know that you girls want to find love, and I know that online dating seems like the best way to be able to do it because we have instant access to people who are also looking for love.

But just remember that access to people doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be the right people or that they’re even going to have the right intentions.

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