How To Win a Girls Heart – 12 Most Simple Ways To Win

Ready to attract the right woman for you?

This article exposes unwritten social laws and rules revealed by experts to be dynamically productive. Psychologists understand that the psyche of women is imperfect.

A woman’s mind has no control over how intensely a woman is attracted to a person. Men no longer have the time to find out if they are asking for too much or asking the wrong person. Now a man can control how fast or how slow they want to take a relationship with this technique.


Spark her curiosity

Ask any women WHY she was attracted to her last boyfriend. She will tell you it ‘just happened.’ As men, we know nothing ‘just happens.’ Just like men are more likely to be attracted to models, women are captivated by a man who stimulates her curiosity.

Maintain a conversation with her but leave a little room for intrigue. She may be asking the best questions for a first date, but you don’t need to spill your guts out to answer each question. Think of yourself as a superstar everybody is interested in, provide answers which are genuine yet mysterious.


Building Blocks of Seduction

A woman likes to speak more about her feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Men want to talk more about actions. Since women discuss feelings, emotions, and ideas more often than men, their conversations also include more non-verbal communications.

Women pick up on the signs that a man is losing interest in a relationship and know how to attract men with the use of gestures.

Men, on the other hand, fail to notice these expressions. Maintain eye contact, raise eyebrows, and gesticulate during a conversation.

These actions help to preserve a woman’s interest in communication. If you hesitate to look a woman in the eye, she may think you don’t actually like her.


Look Charismatic to Captivate Her Charm

Most men are hesitant to use creams and lotions to pamper their skin. Smooth skin will always be more attractive than rough skin. Men tend to get acne on their backs, find out if your skin is dry or oily and get the right cream for it.

A good pair of shoes can do wonders for a first impression. Wearing sneakers or joggers outside of the gym does not appeal to most women.

If you have a beard, make sure that it is trimmed neatly, and that neck is clean. When you talk about your possessions, try not to talk about how much it costs to sound attractive.


Delight Her Instincts with Chocolates

Women love surprises. A pleasant surprise to a woman is an indication that her man cares for her. If you surprise a woman with a flavor of chocolates she is fond of, she will remember you for a long time to come.

Find out from her friends or colleagues which variety of chocolate your girlfriend likes particularly.

When you do share the distinctive chocolate with her, avoid praising yourself for the whole event. Commending yourself for the entire affair will only leave a bad taste in her mouth.

She will begin to loathe both your company and your chocolate. Consider getting her a card to compliment the chocolate instead.

Indulge Her Wits With a Good Sense of Humor

A man’s definition of humor is entirely different from a woman’s description of comedy. A man will laugh at anything which sounds humorous and automatically think of you as a good friend.

Women will make conclusions about your character based on the type of humor you display.

If you do not want to end up as “that funny guy” in a woman’s friend zone, do not use low-brow humor. Insults, put-downs, and taunts need to be eliminated from conversation.

Try telling her funny stories instead. These stories can help develop into a long-term affinity between the two of you to make the relationship stronger.


Letting Her Open Up To You

Instead of portraying a depressing, exhausted, and negative personality, always look at the bright side of things. Nobody wants to be around a pessimistic individual.

No man or woman will ever share their beliefs and ideas with a downhearted individual. If you are happy to be around a person, let your tone of voice portray that happiness.

Once a woman opens up her feelings to you, your relationship has gone to the next level. Women seldom share their state of mind with any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

When a woman talks about her emotions, she is expecting empathetic support from you. Initially, she does not want you to tell her what to do. Just listen, offer sympathy, and do not hesitate to comfort her physically.

Building Compatibility

By now, you should know her favorite kinds of chocolate, the events, and experiences she feels most affected by, and what makes her laugh. The relationship will get very monotonous, very fast if you do not spice things up. The best way to do that is to experience new adventures together.

Ask her if she will be willing to go to an amusement park or a water park with you. You could take her to the seaside or go scuba diving together. If she approves your request, this is the time when your relationship will evolve sexually as well.


Are You Mr. Popularity or Mr. Sincerity?

Women can tell when a guy likes them. You can think of it ‘women’s intuition.’ You can be talking to plenty of women at the same time, but the lady you are interested in knows you will be back.

When talking to other women, give your full attention by giving them responses, both verbally and using body language.

Women automatically get jealous when another woman is in her partner’s spotlight. With this technique, women automatically flock to Mr. Popularity.

Mr. Sincerity does have good advice to offer, but not very many listeners. Do not hesitate to look women in the eyes, simultaneously as you speak. Who knows, you might get other women excited about you too.


Avoid Becoming The Big Brother

Some men will do anything to please women. These actions include the laundry, to even getting her car washed. The more the men satisfy their partner’s demands, the more the women start to distance themselves from him. She begins to think of her man as a free assistant.

The sad part is that neither the man nor the woman will ever be satisfied. If you think saying yes to every one of her demands is the way to her heart, you are wrong. Women like to be shown authority every once in a while.

Let her know you are her friend, not her attendant. Give her advice, but do not spoon-feed her, become the boss.


Girls Like to Be Adored

Women might not openly admit it, but they do look forward to spending one-on-one time with their boyfriend. This concept applies for married couples too.

Men and women both have more obligations than they can complete in a day’s work. Being busy all the time often means that colleagues, coworkers, and friends accompany the couple in their excursions.

Schedule some personal time together with your girlfriend. These are times when nobody else will be there to interrupt the two of you.

Some days you can take her out for a romantic cup of tea, movies, or ice cream. On other occasions, you can spend some quality time at home alone, just the two of you.


Entertain Her With a Monthly Dinner

Now and then there are some special days when a couple can be together. For example, in February, there is Valentine’s Day, and there are other holidays every month.

There are other occasions when you might have a long weekend. These days can become a source of extraordinary entertainment.

Organize some individual activity for the two of you to complete as a couple at home. You can consider playing video games, or old-school couples could play board games.


Charm Her Feelings with Thought.

Women love gifts. Whether it is jewelry, clothes, or fashion accessories, women love to get the best items. Unfortunately, they cannot always afford the best things.

On birthday celebrations or other special events, you can gift these exclusive presents to your partner. Your sweetheart will be ecstatic that you remembered the special day and honored it with a little gift.

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