How to win in the Online Dating arena .

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Your husband could be one click away…

Ahh the wonders of technology, not only can we microwave our food to perfection in 2 seconds , wash and dry our clothes at the same time whilst ordering the latest dress online, but we are able to find our future husband in just a few clicks!

Welcome to the world of online dating, where we can pick and choose, laugh at and delete someone before we’ve even managed to have a conversation with them.

It’s become a growing craze over the last 5 years and has now even become portable in the form of an app on our mobile phones (oh Tinder…what a vast source of entertainment you are).

Whilst our parents may click their tongues disapprovingly at us and start every conversation with the dreaded “back in my day, we just met someone at the local dance” sigh, if only the local dance wasn’t one of the following options: the senior citizens doing line dancing at the community hall or a seedy night club with dim lighting and blaring music.

And so the internet and the singletons decided to join force and build the world of meeting the perfect date through cyber space (after all men and women are from different planets so space seems like a good place to start!)

However as each day arrives so does another site and it becomes this mine field of trying to work out which one to actually join without been ending up with the story “you know he looked nothing like his profile picture…” or “don’t ask, just don’t ask, if any one needs me , I’ll be in Antarctica!” So here’s a few little tips to help you through the wonderful and …interesting world of online dating:

Choose your site wisely

Kind of like choosing your gym or where you are going to live , there are a lot of options out there and each has a different way of getting the result …but not everyone works the same way .

Be picky, the general rule I like to go by is that if it’s for free then every Tom, Dick and Harry will be on there…definitely lots of Dicks… If someone is serious then they will be willing to pay to find a match, so stick to your sites like E harmony and RSVP to name a couple.

Chances are you’ll see a few of the same guys on each site, which is interesting and a good way to weed out who’s serious and who’s just desperate.

A site that lists common interests, dreams, goals etc as well as physical traits helps you to paint a picture of the man behind the photo, after all ladies it helps if we are compatible and more than “oh you like breathing , I like breathing too! Wow we are perfect for each other!”

Profile Picture

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and in some cases it can scream just two words “hell no!” If you are going to put a picture up of yourself (which I highly recommend men are not mind readers and are visual creatures), make it a nice casual snap shot, smiles are always a good start.

Photos not to use are the following: Naked, drunk, airbrushed, from 20 years ago, 15 kilos lighter, famous stars and wearing sunglasses! Keep it real and you’ll attract a real man, be confident in what you look like, and if you don’t take a good shot then he’ll get a pleasant surprise when he meets you in person!

It’s also a good option to put a few more photos on for future prospects to scroll through, just more casual snap shots of your life, interests and perhaps in different types of outfits ( unless you’re in a onsie!)

Personality check

Ok so you’ve lured them in with your sexy smile, now it’s time to win them over with your amazing personality. Get typing and get creative but here are a few rules to go by:
• No they don’t want to hear your life story in essay form.
• Keep it light hearted and use humour.
• No mentioning of your ex or man hating.
• If you own 72 cats, only mention 2 of them.
• Don’t list your demands and keep the checklist you have in your head.
• Um…no we don’t need to know how many men you’ve been with.
• Goals and dreams are good! A woman who lives with purpose and is confident is highly attractive but don’t write “am going to climb Mt Everest in high heels”. Keep it real
• Be you!
• Don’t be so mysterious that he has no bloody clue what you’re on about or who you really are.

Ok so now it’s time to find the first candidate for a date night! Choose a man with similar interests and goals; remember compatibility is just as important as attraction.

You can usually tell from his profile what he’s like so if alarm bells sound when you read “love a good party, don’t enjoy working , only interested in a good time !” or he has used his wedding photo as his profile picture ( oh yes I’ve seen it all!) then don’t even go there girlfriend!

Be sensible, be practical but also look beyond the superficial. There are some amazing men out there who are waiting to romance you and for all you know they could be gazing up at you from your computer.

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