Are you an ideal date? Here’s the Checklist?


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Getting back into the dating game can be like trying to learn to ride a bicycle all over again.

Only this time the bicycle feels like it is 10 ft high, without breaks and square wheels! In short it can be daunting, never racking and a little confusing with what is actually expected of us on a first date.

And with the influence of technology and social media, chances are we find out what our date thought about us via a shared post before they actually tell us to our face!

So to save you from becoming the next meme or most commented twitter post of 2016, it’s time to get back to the basics and look at a 10 simple ways that ensure you set the right first impression.

1: You are punctual!

Unless your car has broken down, the world has exploded or you were saving someone’s life, there really is no excuse for being late on a first date.

Punctuality shows that you are effectively prioritising the person you are courting and it also shows you have good manners and respect their time.

If you think you are going to be late, don’t text, call to explain your situation and give them an estimated time of arrival. Better yet always leave an extra bit of time just in case something out of your control happens.

2: You have good manners.

This extends past arriving on time and saying please and thank you; it’s also about respecting the person in front of you, making eye contact and listening to them attentively.

Manners are the most underestimated way to show someone that you appreciate them. It’s also a sure way to add an extra notch of class and romance to your night.

3: You don’t set expectations too high.

It’s important to go into a first date with realistic expectations and a positive mindset. Whilst having certain standards is important, try not to raise the bar so high that you overlook the Clark Kent sitting in front of you in search for the Superman.

4: You dress to impress.

By taking the time to look after your appearance and look nice you are effectively sending the message to your date that this is a special occasion and they are a special person. It also shows that you respect both yourself and them.

5: You don’t just talk about yourself.

There is nothing worse than a one sided conversation (even awkward silences are better!) Be sure to ask your date questions about themselves and listen carefully to each answer, don’t hijack the conversation, it’s not about who has the more interesting stories to tell but rather having the chance to get to know each other equally.

6: You don’t play with your mobile phone constantly.

This is a big no no! Put your phone away and out of reach, make your date the priority not your Facebook status.

7: You stay sober… (mostly)

There is a difference between both having a few drinks and getting tipsy and getting totally blind drunk. By keeping control of your drinks, composure and actions it shows that you are aware of the company and want to honour that time with them by acting responsibly .

8: Your behaviour and personality is consistent.

This means they won’t be getting any nasty surprises along the way. By being honest with yourself and your date right from the beginning you are setting yourself up for not having to cover up, justify or lie to them. Let your words and actions line up with each other.

9: You know your own value.

There is nothing more attractive in someone then seeing that they have a healthy love and self-respect for themselves, because this in turn means that they will be better equipped to give love. This isn’t about being conceited and boasting about who you are, but rather humbleness, confidence and knowing where to set boundaries.

10: You aren’t too serious.

Dating should be fun! The moment we turn it into an interview or interrogation session is the moment we might as well just give up and go live with 50 cats! Make sure that you decide before you go on a date that the aim is to enjoy the time, get to know new people and take everything as it comes.

Happy Dating!

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