Introducing our brand new online programme for single women !


It’s been in the works for a while and what started off as a dream is now a reality! We are super excited to announce our complete online 8 week course for single women looking to transform their love life.

Love can be messy , but it’s not meant to be that hard. Chances are if you have clicked in this post it’s because you are interested in knowing how to make love a whole lot more easier and fulflling.

It’s all very good to have amazing friends and a great career, but when you crave a wonderful man and relationship, it’s just not something you can ignore.

Renee Slansky coaches private clients and has found the same issues resurfacing time and time again; those being a lack of self love, no confidence, rejection, disappointment and negative patterns .

So she designed a programme that allowed women to step up in their potential, to break those negative patterns and create a life that welcomed and cultivated healthy relationships.

In this course you will:

If you want to know more about this opportunity and to see if you qualify then click the link below:





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