Is My Husband having an Affair? A P.I. tells us the signs


Are your suspicions correct?

There is something wrong with your husband and the only thing you are thinking at the moment, is your husband cheating? Even though most couples are faithful in their marriages or relationships, a cheating partner can wreck havoc in your life.

We live in a connected and a small world, socialize, have fun, and in the process, even before we know, we get involved in an affair that can wreck our marriage and relationships. Instead of calling a private eye or going to a private investigation agency, here are a few quick tell tale signs:

 1: Significant Changes In Appearance

If you find your husband dressing differently than usual when going for work, sporting a new hairstyle, growing a beard, or wearing a new cologne, perhaps it means that he’s trying to impress a woman or a coworker.

It’s very common to see people who start having affairs  give more attention to their appearance by buying new clothes, grooming and hitting the gym.

So, if you see your husband, who has been couch-potato, suddenly start exercising and looking dapper all day, then perhaps it’s time to question his motive for doing it.t

 2:You will Notice Dramatic Changes in his Attitude Towards You

You will find your husband is saying he is very stressed out or exhausted, which means he’s feeling guilty or a lot of tension about starting a discussion when he feels that you may be suspicious of him having an affair.

Men become irritated when they’s are supposed to be at two places or committed to more than one woman.  It’s the guilt and betrayal that makes them ill-tempered and start arguing the moment if you mention anything intimate.

For instance, if you start asking your husband if he’s having an affair, he will probably tell you to  “shut up,” or “Leave Me Alone,”  or reply, “I’m not cheating, why would I?”.

If your hubby were honest, he would straight forward deny it and assure you in a loving tone.  You will notice a lot of change when you start a conversation with him and your husband may unknowingly mention a woman a few times and start repeating the same thing over again, or just avoid the questions altogether.

3: He Is Less Intimate To You Than Before

If your husband is having an affair , then he usually doesn’t want to be intimate with you.  If he turns sown sex then this could be because your man satisfies his carnal desires with someone else.

Some men become more active when they are having an affair, and in fact, spend more time in bed with their wives. Maybe your husband is rebuffing your advances because he’s just too tired or simply not turned on.

However, if you notice the above scenarios in your spouse, it can indicate infidelity.

4: He’s Frequently Unreachable, And You See Him Less Now

You find your husband’s phone is busy or turned off, or just hangs up when you call him.  He is off to work soon or returns late, and he gives all kind of excuses like there’s was a long meeting or he’s working overtime, and he tells you he may away for a few day on a business trip.

It seems that your husband is never around when you need him or call him. You can hardly recall the last time it was just you two just sitting on the couch watching a romantic movie. In short, you rarely see him anymore.

All these could just be a cover to hide his escapades involving another woman. The reasons you see your husband less now is because he’s busy spending time with her, though at first, she may be forgiving, later she will demand more and more of his time.

5: Trust Your Instincts

Perhaps the best thing to know if your husband is having an affair or not is by trusting your intuition. If you think that your husband is acting or talking differently, or hiding something, then trust your instincts that something is wrong.

It’s your gut feeling or “women’s intuition” can help you identify if your husband is having an affair. However, if you have a history or being paranoid or jealous, then you might be wrong, and this can hurt you very bad – physically, mentally and emotionally.

There have been many distressing reports claiming how infidelity can be beneficial for your marriage or relationship. Though it may be true in some cases as its make people understand how much their partners matter to them, they’re catastrophic.  Once trust is broken, it’s rather hard to fix.




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