Is your mental health affecting your relationship ?

It’s a stressful time for even the most level-headed of people.

The COVID-19 crisis has been disruptive in more ways than one, and for many, it’s taking a toll on our mental health.

But whether you’re quarantined with your significant other or keeping the flame alive from afar, discussing how you’re feeling with your partner is a proven silver lining. 


Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed nearly 1,000 individuals to study how people with mental health disorders confide in their partners and how it affects their relationships. 


Living with a mental health disorder is complicated, and sharing your diagnosis with a partner can be daunting.

In fact, people wait an average of nine months before discussing their diagnosis with their partner. Only 38% of people discuss their mental health with their partner within the first month.

But why wait to have these discussions? The most common reasons people don’t want to tell their partner is because they fear they wouldn’t understand, yet 83% of respondents said their partner reacted positively. 


Now, more than ever, being open about our mental health with our partner is so important. 

The news cycle surrounding the pandemic is especially difficult for those of us dealing with anxiety, but research shows confiding in a partner can make all the difference. 

In fact, 74% said communicating with their partners about mental health actually brought them closer, and 75% said it helped them navigate challenges with their partners. 


Another 38% said educating their significant others about mental health issues helped resolve or avoid relationship challenges.

So if you’re finding yourself struggling with your mental health, it’s important to remember you’re not alone.

Talking things out with your significant other can strengthen your relationship and help your partner understand what you’re feeling.


We’ve all heard the saying “communication is key,” and it rings true in our relationships too.

The top strategies people used to help cultivate their relationship with a mental health disorder are communication, mental health education, medication management, and individual therapy. 



For individuals living with mental health challenges, our results offer a hopeful view of what is possible with a loving partner.

Although disclosing a mental health disorder to a significant other can require true courage, the majority who do so receive a positive response.

And while mental health disorders can create additional challenges (especially where sex is concerned), communication usually helps to resolve recurring obstacles.
In fact, most respondents felt their relationships were strengthened by honest communication about mental health issues.
By consistently sharing their experiences, couples navigating mental health challenges may actually achieve an admirable degree of emotional intimacy.
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