Just how dangerous are dating apps for teenagers?

Let’s talk about a different type of safe sex.

The dangers of social media sites and apps have been a topic of debate and discussions for years. Most of the people believe social sites are dangerous for every person. Further,it depends on the mindset, purpose, anduse of the social sites.

Some people use the sites for work and connecting with professionals, many use it to spend time while there are many who make relationships on social media.


The last form of use is the most dangerous. And shockingly, the majorityof the people looking for partners on these sites are teens. They often don’t know about the people and don’t have as strong decision-making skills. So they are more prone to the online dangers and risks of social media sites.

So here are some of  the dangers and threats of social sites for the teens and young children:

·      Cyberbullying

This is the worst thing that happens to teens nowadays on socialmedia sites and apps. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat are misused for  bullying these days where every person tries to comment on the body of the others. In a world of comparison and the need for attention , a lot of teens feel under pressure to act or look a certain way.

Cyberbullying is now one of the most common forms of harassment and something that a lot of teens experience on a daily basis , which of course can lead to damaging their confidence , self esteem and mental health.

This danger is obvious and parents should take care of their children to protect them from the bullies as well as excessive use of socialmedia sites and apps.

·      Sexting

After bullying, a teen is more exposed to sexting. The social media, as well as dating sites, have become increasingly popular among the teens. The reason is they find their love and partners with great ease. They start chatting and usually start sexting. The habit becomes serious with the passage of time and it becomes hard for a teen to believe they can have a romantic conversation without making it sexual or sending inappropriate images in order to gain someone’s approval or attention.

Many teens have shared how they felt like they were forced into sexting. This of course means that there is a peer pressure to compromise standards , morals and their own privacy which of course can be compromised at any time.

·      Screen Addiction

As social sites became popular, its users increased. Now it has more than 4 billion users from all over the world.  Instagram is nowadays the choice of the majority of  children and teens. They can become addictive to the screens and social media sites.

Their life is all about checking their newsfeed and posting new things, images, statuses, andother stuff. People believe they should be more active on social sites than in reallife and the teens are no more different than the adults and young people.

·      Body Shaming

What makes social media and dating sites so popular is the content. These sites are working only because the users on these sites share content of every type and they are not preventing people from sharing all this.

This of course can lead to unrealistic expectations about body image. They grow up seeing perfect images of models and actors. They think about themselves then and compare their body and figures with that of the perfect models.

This develops a sense of inferiority among teens. They are not ready to accept their own bodies. They are losing confidence and their life is deteriorating with the passage of time.

·      Online Predators

There are many people who are looking for young teens and children. They befriend  teens girls and try to build relationships with them. Later, the predators will try to meet them unperson to form a romantic liaison for wrong intentions. Unfortunately this can lead to children and teens being sexually assaulted or even killed in cases reported.

This has become a serious threat and something that all parents should be aware of.



Social media has serious risks and dangers for teens. But parents can protect them online with Android spy software. The monitoring app will allow parents to keep a check on their phone, use of social media, messages, instant messengers as well as the multimedia.

This way, parents can monitor teens on social sites and educate them further to make sure they understand these risks and dangers.

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