Ladies, meet Clean Clear and Correct.

It really is no secret that we always feel more confident about ourselves when we have glowing skin and a dazzling smile. It’s amazing how our self -esteem can be tied up into something as simple as the complexion of our skin, and for myself it has always been a real struggle to see beyond the freckles, pimples ( like I thought that was just for teenagers!?) and wrinkles that I seem to be acquiring.  As women we can feel guilty or over indulgent when we want to take treatments that can help enhance our physical image, or we might feel that other’s will miss-judge us or call us insecure and so we settle for what we have. Yes beauty is in the inside and you can’t cosmetically improve your heart or personality, but there are safe and less invasive treatments that can really make a difference to both our image and self -confidence. Let’s face it ladies, when we feel hot we act differently!

Recently I had the pleasure of discovering a new and exciting salon in the heart of the North Shore in Sydney that uses innovative and new technology and treatments that effectively clears your skin and brightens your smile, ladies let me introduce you to Clean ,Clear and Correct !

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What is Clean, Clear and Correct?

A salon that provides laser and light rejuvenation facials, and teeth whitening with no down time or painful processes! Their aim is to improve the complexion of every customers’ skin and lighten and brighten teeth without the sensitivity. In a nutshell ladies, if you are serious about quickly improving the complexion of your face and teeth then these people are your new best friends. Let’s just say it’s one of Sophie Faulkner’s best friend…

What treatments do they offer? 

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The good news is that this company really focuses on just those two things: teeth whitening and clearing your skin through laser so you won’t get overwhelmed with choice or confused .So here are your choices:


-Zoom Whitening: this is your one off laser treatment for teeth and may cause some sensitivity.

– Ozone Boosted whitening: quick light session for your teeth, it’s fast, effective, no down time and doesn’t hurt! ( although stick to champagne instead of red wine for min 6 hours after)

– Invisalign Braces: for those wanting some serious teeth straightening without the 80’s metal look of traditional braces.


Hollywood peel: deeper cleanse with a carbon mask that gets rid of all those dead skin cells and helps stimulate new ones to grow. This can be done only every 2 weeks as it penetrates the skin on a deeper level. It doesn’t hurt and you will be glowing the next day.

Laser Facials: These are a two part facial using different types of laser including IPL. Expect to feel a tingling sensation and see bright flashes of light, but all in all it’s relatively painless (more just of a weird tingling feeling) but once again this is quick with no down time and your skin will be loving you afterwards!

What do I think of their treatments? 

laser mask ccc

I was able to try the Hollywood peel, the laser cleansing facial twice and 4 sessions of the ozone teeth whitening sessions. I have had laser on my face in the past and so to be honest I was a little sceptical that it wouldn’t have me in tears! However true to their word, the treatments were quick, almost pain free and with no bruises, burning or down time! When I say “almost” pain free what I mean is that you can expect to feel a tingling feeling with the laser treatments, a little uncomfortable perhaps , but what worthy treatment isn’t worth a little uncomfortableness ?! As for my teeth, I noticed quite a big difference after the 4th treatment, but still feel like I could go for at least another 2-3. The good news is that you are guided and informed throughout the whole process by the lovely staff. They are extremely professional, generous and know their treatments like the back of their hands! This isn’t about stripping or bleaching your enamel or burning layers off your skin, it’s literally about changing everything from the inside out.

How much does it cost?

Ok for a normal laser facial or teeth whitening single session you are looking at $80, however the more you pre buy in a package the cheaper it gets . A 3 pack cost $220, 5 pack $310 and a 10 pack will set you back at $520. But if you are really serious about getting value for money then my advice would be to grab the 1 month membership for $500 which lets you have unlimited teeth and laser facial sessions !

The Hollywood peel is a little more expensive at $180/ session however this one can literally only be done every 2-3 week.

The exciting part is that all my readers will receive a 10% discount when you mention that you heard about them through my blog! #yay! 10 percent off

See the price guide here:!prices/jriql


How many times do I need to go?

It really is up to you, but expect at least 3-5 sessions for the ozone teeth whitening till you see a difference, and perhaps 4-6 sessions of the 2 step laser facial. The great thing is that the treatments don’t take that long and that they have flexible mix and match packages which you can purchase. Depending on the condition of your teeth and skin, the effects of the treatments will vary. Did I see instant results? Yes for the teeth whitening and, yes for the facials after a 24 hr period. But of course more treatments over a longer period will give you the ultimate glowing look.

The verdict:

Ok if you are time poor or just impatient yet want great results then these are the people for you. There clinic is bright and welcoming just like there staff, only problem is there is only one in the whole of Sydney, so be prepared to travel to Mosman. I found that I needed a few extra teeth whitening sessions which is to be expected (as everyone’s teeth whiten at a different rate), but the great part is that I have no sensitivity after the process. My results for my laser facials didn’t show immediately after but rather after a 24 hour period when I had a sleep in between. I definitely noticed that my skin was a lot more refined and had a more even complexion, it also helped bring a lot of bad bacteria to the surface…whilst this isn’t pretty it is necessary! The part I like best is the fact that there is no down time and that they offer a membership which means I could literally go and get a facial every day if I wanted to for no added cost!!  Safe to say I will be making these people my new best friends’ right before my wedding so that I can be glowing and confident.  And don’t forget you 10% discount when you mention The Dating Directory to them 😉

Rating: 8.5/10


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