My latest fitness obsession : F45 Training!

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If you follow my social media accounts ( the personal ones) then chances are you will see that I love my fitness.

Whilst I don’t post or tweet every single workout (mainly because I look like a sweating disheveled mess afterwards) , fitness is actually a huge part of my life. I remember after many a break ups I use to hit the gym like there was no tomorrow.

I figured it gave better results then drinking wine and consuming copious amounts of chocolate. Although in saying that sometimes wine and chocolate really are the best medicine…

Fitness and health are two overlooked factors which I also think have a big impact on people’s relationships.

When we love ourselves it also means taking care of our inner health and physical appearance . I also believe that a couple who engages in fitness or a sport together helps strengthen their relationship.

My fiance and I train anywhere from 3-6 days a week , for 3 reasons: 1: It’s a stress release 2: It’s our “me” time whilst still being in the same room as each other 3: It motivates us and it helps motivate each other.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I would rather just eat bread and sit in a warm pile of laundry rather than go to the gym. But by choosing to stay on top of my fitness it , I think I have a more positive life.

Now I’m not about to become a fitness blogger , but I do believe fitness can do the following to your love life and relationships:

  • Boosts your confidence – we feel sexier when we are active , we also feel like we are achieving something which makes us confident.
  • Improve your sex life- for a few reasons, not only do you have more of the good hormones running through you but you probably feel more confident in your body .
  • Add to your happiness- don’t forget exercise boosts all those endorphins and makes you feel better about yourself.
  • Keep you accountable to one another – setting goals and working towards something together

Now not all of us are gym junkies , or yoga warriors . And a lot of us a time poor and just want to do something that is quick and effective! Well it’s time you heard about F45 !

F45 Training ( functional 45 minute training) is the new way to work up a sweat whilst having fun and knowing that you are actually doing something! Recently I trialed out a few weeks with the great team over at Frenchs Forest .  Run by a great dynamic and fun couple , Dave and Alicia welcomed me in and made sure I got the most out of each session.f 45

So how does it work?

Basically you book a class, which only goes for 45 mins. It works off intervals, so you may do one type of exercise for 40 seconds and then rest for 25 seconds… sounds easy right? Well let’s just say your heart rate will be up and your body will be hurting the next day .

Although F45 isn’t as scary as Crossfit ( nor as long!) and the team spirit means you don’t feel like you are competing with one another .

Moreover, you can still wear your favorite sports wear or go career with a durable and comfy running shorts.

They have both strength and cardio classes .  To top is off they even have a DJ come in and do a set on your Saturday ” Hollywood” sessions…#socool.

So if you are looking for something fun, quick and with great results then why not try it out. I am loving the classes and will continue to keep going!

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