Let’s talk about what happened last night on The Bachelor AU

photo courtesy from www.facebook.com/TheBachelorAU/

photo courtesy from www.facebook.com/TheBachelorAU/

If you have been living under a rock or perhaps just watching something a little deeper and more educational then you would have missed out on last night’s dramatic episode of The Bachelor ! However never fear as I’m sure you’ve been brought up to speed about who got booted out of the love nest via Facebook, Mama Mia and any other reliable source of biased opinions. Needless to say the country is in uproar over the fact that fav contestant Heather Maltman was the victim of bachelor Sam Woods decision to withhold the prized rose and subsequently give her the flick . Well yes from what I’ve seen (about 4-5 episodes out of the current 14)  I dare say she was a very down to earth and lovely lady who has come from a broken upbringing and learnt to protect herself from being emotional vulnerable…just a guess of course , but did she deserve to be left broken hearted ? And does Sam not choosing her make him an arsehole with no taste ? Well let’s take a closer look and dissect everything in true female style:

It’s Reality TV…about one guy dating 25 girls…of course someone is going to get hurt!

Now in real life ..which of course is quite different to ” reality TV” any man that wanted to date 25 girls at a time and slowly eliminate and play them off one another would in fact be labelled a player/ cheater and everything else under the sun. It’s not normal and these girls know exactly that there is a high risk of rejection involved . Of course every girl hopes that they are ” The One” and that true love will come from contrived and cheesy  situations completely set up , but the truth is they have more chance of being booted out then they do of actually connecting with a random stranger picked for them.

Heather let herself be vulnerable and she lost her perspective.

Now no girl deserves to be heartbroken , and when I saw the poor love crying , my heart went out to her. I just wanted to hug her and tell her that it will be OK and she will meet someone else..because that’s the reality . Yes like all the others she started to fall for him, which is only natural when you get to have more one on one time with a guy who is charming and has all the channel 10 perks blah blah , but it’s so easy to get caught up in the moment that she forgot what the actual reason shy she met the man in the first place: to compete against 25 other chicks he’ll be wooing. My advice would have been to yes be transparent with your feelings, but also to guard your heart till you are the one and only lady left !

Warwick has some good points, but why so serious guys?

I felt sorry for Sam Woods, I mean I could see the beads of sweat trickling down his neck every time he raked his hand nervously through his hair as one by one the families, scary mother in-laws and self appointed authoritative siblings drilled the man . Holy cow , I mean I would die if my family asked the man that many deep and confronting questions about his life and intentions on the first meeting! What happened to just getting to know someone and having a casual chat rather than asking him life or death questions about a future that hasn’t even been set in stone yet. OK yes all the producers would have set a lot of that up, but I just couldn’t help feeling sorry for the guy.

In the end it’s his choice, let’s no hate or shame anyone.

It blows my mind how many people seem to have an opinion on who he should choose to spend the rest of his life with…ahh pretty sure that should be his choice since it’s his life. Heather is no less of a wonderful woman just because she didn’t get chosen, and Sam is not a shallow arsehole for not choosing her.  As for the other 3 girls left standing , they are now being shamed for having no personality and being too pretty?! I’m confident that Sam can decide for himself whom he is attracted to and who is suitable without the bullying voices of Australia, let the man do his thing, that’s what the show is about, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it!

The “Friend-zone” has it’s consequences …we all know this.

If you tell a man straight up you just want to be friends when you have openly joined a show that’s about finding romance , you are pretty much telling him you aren’t open to getting romantically involved. Yes friendship is an important part of a relationship but it can’t be the sole basis of starting a relationship. There has to be a mutual growing attraction and chemistry as well, not just a mateship. Calling a guy “dude” or “man” does set a tone of friendship which can be OK in the beginning…kinda…well not really, but eventually you are sending the wrong signals to the man.

At the end of the day we are all going to have a say in how everyone should live their life , especially if it’s broadcast on TV , but let’s also remember that whoever the eligible bachelor chooses only time will tell if they will last . They are human like the rest of us and a healthy , happy and lasting relationship that will last can’t be determined after only 3 months, so let’s cut him some slack, give Heather a hug and set our clocks for the same time next week !

Love Renee

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