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Just in case you missed our little article for one of the biggest online dating and relationship mags! Here it is   as seen on The Love Destination:

Being single isn’t a prison sentence. In fact, it’s an important time in our lives to embrace who we are and what we want in life. Whilst being out of a relationship may not be ideal for you, here are 10 things to do when you are single to make the most of this period of your life:

1: Rediscover what makes you happy

What better time then now to just focus on you! Rediscover yourself without having to think about someone else. When we learn to be whole and happy without a partner, we give ourselves something that no other person can ever give us.

2: Reconnect with friends

Invest in your friendships and start to get to know them on another level. By building the people us around us, we create an environment full of loving support which causes us to flourish.

3: Try out a new hobby or interest

Why not use this time to expand your interests and learn something new? Not only will it stimulate your mind and keep you busy but it will also open the door to more opportunities.

4: Stay socially active

Being single is a great time to fill up your social calendar. By staying socially active you are able to meet new people and also participate in life in a whole new way.

5: Don’t settle for second rate dates

It’s easy to just go on a date because you are either bored or desperate for some company. Remember to keep your standards high and learn to occupy your time without the need for a romantic interaction.

6: Travel to a new destination

Discover a new place, whether it be local or international. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and experience new cultures, habits and destinations.

7: Invest in positive behaviour

It’s easy to get in a slump when we are single. So make sure you are speaking and cultivating positive habits and words. Continue to exercise and keep your attitude and home sparkling!

8: Start dating yourself

Whilst it may sound like a strange concept. Being single is the perfect time to start courting yourself. This is all about learning to love and value who you are on a whole new level. Focus on what makes you happy and do more of that. Treat yourself the way you would want your ideal partner to treat you.
9: Set yourself new challenges and goals

Time to expand your heart and mind and set new goals and challenges. Growth isn’t just about getting through the hard times, it can also be something that helps us understand our full capacity. Get excited about life again! Make a plan, set some milestones and go for it!

10: Build your dream career

Your single time is the perfect time to be selfish and determined about your career. Use this time wisely to invest and build the dream job and lifestyle you have always wanted, so when the right person comes along you are flourishing in your purpose already.



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