How do I make my profile stand out from the rest?


It can be a jungle out there…

In the online dating world and competing with thousands of singles for the prized date is not exactly something we look forward to.

To top things off we are usually time poor and would rather cut to the chase and attract the right type of person instead of getting lost in amongst the masses.

So how can we make our profile stand out from all the other suitors?

Here are 6 helpful tips to get you on the way to being noticed first!

1:  Choose a picture that shows you happy, smiling and welcoming!

For most of us this is what initially attracts us to someone’s profile, it doesn’t make us shallow but human. Of course who you are matters more than your appearance, but to first interest potential dates it is always a bonus if you have a profile picture that stands out.

Make sure your face is fully visible and try to stay away from shots where you are wearing sunglasses or hats that shadow your eyes.

Choose a picture that expresses your personality in some way and show’s your smile. Try to use shots that are candid and natural rather than a contrived selfie and make sure you are the only person in the photo, we don’t want to keep dates guessing which one you are!

The overall tone should be warm and friendly with a sense of fun and adventure.

2: Be honest about what you want

There is no point making up a profile that doesn’t represent you or what you want, just to try and please someone whom you haven’t even met.

The great thing about online dating is that we can narrow down the field by choosing to contact people that are like-minded, so get specific and be real because you have more chance of attracting the right person for you.

3: Keep your descriptions clear, light hearted, authentic and brief

Whilst we can give away as much information about ourselves online as we want, doesn’t mean we always should. Be descriptive, but keep the tone light and conversational in your profile.

Keep some mystery about yourself and steer clear of clichés and lame jokes. People want to know you are serious about dating but also flexible and fun.

4: Choose a profile name that isn’t clichéd or cheesy

It really can be a turn off when we see “MrRight4U “ or  “ sexysinglelady” and the aim is to attract people , not repel them or make them recoil!

Don’t be afraid to use your first name, after all that’s the first thing they will want to know. The best way to gauge if the name you have chosen is good or not is by getting a trusted friend to call you by it out loud…you will know soon enough if it both makes you want cringe or smile!

5: Make contact with likeminded singles or join groups

To get yourself noticed you have to be part of the conversations. A lot of dating websites have blogs and groups that you can join, which is a great way to meet singles of similar interests and start talking without the normal pressure of having to contact them direct.

In a way it’s the cyber way of meeting people in a social group scenario rather than one on one.

6: Fill out all sections on your profile, don’t leave them guessing!

This doesn’t mean you have to write an essay about who you are in each section, justify your answers or tell everyone about your past, but rather it’s about filling in the basics so that you can then draw in the right people who have similar views, morals and interests.

Make the job easier for yourself and the right person looking for you, by being specific you weed out all the ones who wouldn’t be the right fit for you.

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