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Hi Renee

I’ve just read your 2013 Christmas message via Twitter and felt inclined to write you.

Your positive outlook and attitude are a credit to you especially considering your difficult year. I’ve had a challenging 2013 also although can only imagine how confronting yours has been considering your message and its content.

Your blog is aimed at women however your positive vibe affects us all so thank you. 2014 will be a great year for you I’m sure.

Hi Renee

I just finished reading you posting on LinkedIn and felt the need to reach out and tell you how much I loved it!   I commend you as a beautiful young woman to send out a great message especially to your peers!  I have always told my daughter to believe in love but that it is her job  to become a strong independent young woman first and the rest will fall in place.

Thanks for sharing
Enjoy today!


Dear Ms Slansky,

A friend of mine once decided that for each day over a year they would write to people they know, met or admired to let them know what they appreciated in them. Some would be their friend for 10 years, others would be someone that served them coffee that day… either way, the point was to pass on the appreciation for being a positive, upbeat sole and the role they played in reflecting that energy back on their day to day.

In a world with some many people running around trying to search for happiness, always looking ahead to the future, not appreciating the now, your posts on Facebook and blog are refreshing in that you are someone appreciating those little things that make today, the now, the most important moment we have. In short, keep doing what you are doing!!! If what you are doing stood out to someone random you are certainly helping those close to you with your energy and positive outlook.


I just wanted to tell you that if it wasn’t for your help 6months ago I wouldn’t be here today. You are amazing and you need to know that 🙂 I will do anything for you, love you lots xxx
– Heidi 


Lady, I have decided I need to start drawing inspiration from people, to help me achieve my goals and feel like I’m getting somewhere in life. You are one of those people! Xx
– Tamara


I was perusing your profile and found your goal to set up a charity called ‘Gift’ intriguing, and something that sounded positive. Has this moved from a concept to reality as yet? Regardless, I’d like to pass on my words of encouragement, having been involved in a range of charities at Board level. I support those charities that ameliorate the lives of others who are less fortunate than ourselves. In this world of ours (especially coming from my background), it is great to see good people willing to give something back. Keep up the great work.Inspiring stuff!!
– Mark


Your blogs so far have been great to read and helpful. Are you experiencing as such, what you write about daily? So us women in similar situations can relate?. Or are you in a happy relationship and your blog is just a reflection of your past and is to provide women with information to not make same mistakes? Either way it helped me today. Thankyou


Hey Renee!
Hope your doing well! I just wanted to say that I’m loving your blog, quiet a few home truths there, but loving the honesty!
Thank you beautiful, that is some of the most honest words anyone has said for a long time… I really appreciate it!Can’t wait to read the next one!
– Katrina

Hi Renee, I keep up to date with your posts, but thought I would just let you know that you are so inspirational. Your blog is wonderful too. Stay as gorgeous as always xx