Meet the Double Dating App For Singles

Let’s not sugar coat things: dating can suck.

It wouldn’t be so horrid if this were the year 2000, but let’s face it, in an age of dating apps and online dating, being single means experiencing many awkward, potentially dangerous, and fruitless situations swipe after swipe, meet-up after meet-up.

On a more serious note, the need for resources that increase safety outcomes for singles who meet online is paramount, as our country experiences a surge in dating related violence.

The solution? Fourplay.

Fourplay is a double dating app that allows users to join forces with a friend and match with other pairs of singles.

First, we’ll share how the app works, and then address why it is so impressive.

Getting Started:

After joining Fourplay, you’re prompted to add a teammate. Once your friend accepts the invitation, you create a team profile, adding photos and/or videos, describing who you are as a team, and who your ideal dream team is. You and your co-star will be viewed by others as a team, not as individuals. Time to shine!


Friends don’t let friends swipe solo. The technology here is what you’re used to on most dating apps, except rather than swiping through individuals, you swipe through teams based on you and your friends’ chosen preferences.

You can also use the thumbs up or thumbs down icons to indicate your interest. If you and your teammate BOTH give the thumbs up on another team, and they do the same in return, sparks are flyin’! That’s a match, and a group chat will automatically be generated.



Using the group chat feature, you can get to know the other team before setting up your date. The banter ensues much more easily when there are four brains rather than two.

A toggle at the top of the messenger allows you to move back and forth between talking to the whole group and talking to just your teammate.

From here, it’s game time. You all go out on a double date. It’s a safer, less awkward, and pressure-free way of meeting other singles. Don’t forget, it gets you meeting twice the singles in half the time.


Why choose Fourplay?

It’s never been more necessary. In 2019, the FBI reported that there were nearly 19,500 cases of online “confidence or romance fraud.”

We know the practice of meeting digitally is not going to change. If it’s the norm to go out with total strangers alone, then it is critical to offer a safe way to do it.

Fourplay allows for a second pair of eyes, a person who will watch your drink while you’re in the bathroom.

It is also true that online dating is positively correlated with the rise of dating related violence, and the literature, such as that published by Brigham Women’s Hospital, concludes that there is a need for additional resources.

Other institutions, such as NYU, are also jumping on the bandwagon to conduct research in this growing field of dating related violence, as there is much concern for the well-being of young people using the internet to meet.

Now for the fun stuff:

Fourplay also solves the whole dating sucks problem because it creates asocialdating environment.

Even when a date doesn’t end in romance, it will never feel like a waste of time to have gone out with a friend! As friends approach their mid-twenties, priorities and lifestyles diverge; it becomes more and more difficult to get together.

It often feels you sacrificed an opportunity to hang out with a friend you never get to see in exchange for a date with a stranger who wasn’t even for you. With Fourplay, you no longer have to make such choices.

Dating can be really difficult, especially because as the apps have become more popular, organic ways of meeting have become less so. Ever hear this? “In this day and age, dating has never been easier.” Now that is just plain wrong!

Back in the “good old days” dating was a much better experience. For one, you knew that you would have something in common with the person, because your friends already did the vetting and set you up.

Alternatively, you may have met at a local spot or perhaps met at work, so you knew you lived in the same neighborhood, liked the same cafes, shared similar interests, possibly had the same profession. There was common ground.

Grasping for talking points wouldn’t be such a risk. But, these days the awkwardness is almost inevitable, save that one date out of fifteen where you find a good rhythm.

The person is a total stranger, vetted only by their chosen profile pictures and what can be found about them on the internet (which can be impossible sometimes by the way). That’s why dating as a team is so attractive; it makes an awkward situation an awesome situation.


So I should just never date alone again?

We all know that singles aren’t just using one app at a time. They bounce around, uploading new photos to this one and giving their profiles a makeover on that one.

Fourplay is an alternative, not a replacement. It is an opportunity for singles to share an experience with a friend in a more natural setting free of the typical dating woes.

Fourplay is a double dating app designed to create a more fun, less awkward, and safer experience for singles by allowing users to team up with a friend and match with other pairs of singles.

In a world of dating-related violence and unbearably awkward one-on-ones with total strangers, the ability to date with a friend is an attractive and welcomed alternative to current dating practices that are far too unpleasant to accept.

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