Why you need to use this site to protect you from dating predators.

We all know that meeting total strangers can really be exciting … but also dangerous.

It’s easy to get swept away in the romance of the moment and forget that we also need to be conscious of our safety.

The internet has given us access to thousands of people, which is great when you want to find a soul mate. But is also means that people can and will take advantage of what we have online. And this includes our photos and identity.

We recently did a post on online dating scams  however, here are some cold facts just to keep you on your toes :


So it’s serious stuff. We aren’t out to scare you , but just keep you savvy. The problem is , half the time we aren’t aware that someone is bad for us till it’s too late. We openly give all our photos, number and details out , trusting this person we hope to be our new prince .

But what happens when the prince turns into a frog..or rather a toad . And your photos end up all over the internet in places you definitely don’t want them.

Here is where Image Shield step in . This little site has been set up just for online daters. It’s a way whereby you can upload photos that are protected and only shared when you give the permission to .

In other words , you send your suitors to this site, once you know you can trust them a little and that’s when they can see as many photos of you and your life that you are happy to upload.

When you upload personal and private images to any dating and social site, your images are not protected and you’ve completely lost control of them.
They could show up anywhere, anytime. If you care about your online identity don’t just give away the most personal part of your identity, your pictures, to anyone who wants them.
So, their message is DO NOT UPLOAD. If you are online dating, you should use a protected service like Image Shield that empowers you to share your images safely and minimize the chances of you photos coming back to haunt you.
We recommend that you create a profile and upload no more than one image, then, when you are engaged with someone you are interested in, you can share a unique Image Shield link and password for them to use to see your images.
Those images are protected from being downloaded or saved and you can also limit the amount of time that person has access to even view your photos. With Image Shield, you allow someone to VIEW your pictures, but they cannot HAVE your pictures.

There is a small monthly subscription fee , in which you can choose a level , to be able to upload your protected photos.

Image Sheild offer 4 monthly plans, including the Free Plan that will allow you to upload and protect 10 images for not cost. So, you can do 10 for Free for as long as you want. If you want more, it’s $2.99 month for 25 images, $4.99 a month for 100 images and $8.99 for the Unlimited Plan.
Sounds like a little to pay for something that could really save you a whole lot of drama.  Here are a few more tips on how to date online safely :





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