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If you are single and looking for love, then chances are you are probably considering jumping into the world of online dating. And you would be right to, because not only does it give you instant access to hundreds if not thousands of choices of possible matches but it also is fun, easy and very practical. The only problem is, is that it’s hard to know which site to use? This is where your Fairy Godmother steps in,does the ground work for you and  gives you the low down on which sites are good and which are as average as your ex !

This week’s online dating website is called LuvFree, and yes you guessed it, it’s 100% free, meaning you don’t have to pay any fees upfront to chat, message, kiss or video your future husband.

Is it easy to use? This site can be a little confusing at first with the layout , however in general it’s quite easy to use and requires you to just fill in and tick certain boxes. Be prepared though to wait anywhere from 2-12 hours for your profile ( and any updates) to be approved . I had quite a bit of technical difficulty and was kicked off the site due to “violating a policy” ( not really sure what I did wrong?!) But this is where the customer care team can step in and  help you out.

Can I get it on my phone as well? Yes! LuvFree also has an app which you can download onto your phone or tablet. This of course means you can access your profile and all those kisses awaiting you on the go. The app is quite basic, but again still functional. This isn’t about swiping left or right, but rather follows the same system as the website.

Quality vs Quantity?: Everyone has different preferences as to who they find attractive, but I must say that most sites which are free tend to attract anyone and everyone . If you are wanting a serious relationship, then sites that are free tend to not offer as many suitors with the same mentality as you. Why? Well think about it, if a guy or girl are willing to pay money to help find someone, then they must be serious about it if they are willing to financially commit to it . In saying this they do have testimonials of successful matches , which is always comforting to know!

Cool features:  I really like the Communicator as this allows you to manage who is talking to you and see who is stalking you, plus there is a blocking action which is always a bonus for those random crazy ones you get on every site! You can rate profiles, photos and direct link to similar matches which helps cut down the searching time.

The video and live chat is also a handy feature for having instant interaction with someone.  Plus they have a customer care team which is always good for a little bit of extra personal service.

Things that could be better: This site has been around since 2007 so it is a little wonder that it doesn’t look a bit more modern and stylish. If you don’t care so much about appearances then you will find the site quite practical, however it can also be confusing because of the layout and over crowding of all the information.  The profile photos are also quite small and tend to get lost in among that ads that are flashing up.

There is also a text overload on every page, so it can be a bit annoying at times , but once you shift through everything there are some useful tips and cool features including a blog which isn’t so much about giving relationship advice but rather people sharing their opinion.

 Does it cost : NO ! It is and always will be 100% free, which can be great if you are wanting to save money, but it also means that they rely entirely on advertising and so your screen will become flashing billboard which can be a bit distracting.

The Verdict: A very basic and practical site that doesn’t cost you a cent. If you are more onto online chat and video, then this is a great site for that. Or if you are someone who likes to have a say and get talking among groups of people then the forum and blog are a great way to connect with people. Once you become more familiar with the site it becomes easier to use, but don’t put it in the same box as the ones that charge you a fee.

Overall I give it:  3 STARS





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