The perfect sites to find love over 50


Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Let’s face is, dating is hard no matter what age you are. But as you probably know, it becomes even harder the older you get. The pool of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is shrinking every day.

Therefore, its time you stop looking in all the wrong places and try out some of the modern technology that is making our dating lives easier.

Dating Apps for Seniors

Online dating is the new way to meet people. Nowadays, it isn’t just for the younger generation and many companies have created apps and dating websites specifically for older adults.

With the digital world of dating you can now weed out those that have nothing in common with you, and meet like-minded individuals with similar likes, activities, and goals.

Through online dating, you can do your research beforehand to make sure you find a good match for you. Even if you don’t find the love of your life, maybe you’ll find a new best friend or travel buddy. Here are some dating sites catered to an older crowd.

Here’s the ones we recommend:

1.      Stitch: 

If you’re over the age of 50 and are looking for companionship, Stitch is the perfect app for you. It is designed so that individuals can get together based on shared interests such as local activities and events.

Through Stitch you can find intimacy and love, but you can also find friendship, travel companions, and people to keep you company during organized events and activities.

This relieves the pressure of dating and you can simply find someone that matches you.


Known as the leading dating site for seniors, this site has been around for over 14 years. It was created to help singles over the age of 50 find like-minded individuals for relationships

The standard profile is free and you can upload up to 26 pictures to show off your best selfies. If you like someone, simply send them a message or a wink.

3.      RSVP: 

Known as Australia’s largest dating app, RSVP is perfect for singles looking for their companion. Although the app is available for people of all ages, they have a mature adults portion which allows you to message and match with individuals around the same age and with the same interests.  


Tips for Creating Your Profile

·        The Photo: 

Not only should the photo be flattering, but it should also say something about you. Upload a picture of you doing something you love. For example, if you love travel, put up a picture of you climbing Mount Everest or swimming with the dolphins in the Caribbean.

Not only does this show your personality, but it also gives your suitors something to message you about.

·        “I like long walks on the beach, deep conversation, and romance novels”: 

This is exactly the type of generic and boring clichés you want to avoid. When you’re building your profile, be unique. You’re not boring and neither should your profile be.

Put up a funny quote or something unique about you. The best profiles tell a story. Write something that other people will want to learn more about and therefore it will give them something to message you about.

Also, be sure to avoid political and other strong opinions in your profile.

·        Express your Passions: 

As we age, we stop realize how important it is to share similar interests. Therefore, be sure you talk about the things you like to do in your profile so that you can match similar people.

However, it is important that you talk about your passions rather than simply listing your interests. Instead of writing about how you like hiking, write about a time you really enjoyed a hike.

·        Proofread and Edit: 

Be sure to look over your profile for grammatical mistakes and have a friend proofread it. Sometimes writing about yourself is hard, so they can tell you more about what you should and shouldn’t write.   



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