Can you find true love on Tinder ? #askRenee

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Q: Friend or foe?

A: It really is hard to believe that a dating app like Tinder could lead to true love , not necessarily because of the way it works, but rather the reason why people use it i.e.: to hook up for a short term fling!

Not everyone uses this notorious app to have casual sex , however it often seems to be what is associated with the name and so many women don’t even bother to give the app a go ( or take any man seriously who is using it!)

Although we mustn’t rule out the possibility as I have heard on more than one occasion of serious couples in love whom have met through this infamous portal.

Tinder is definitely one way to meet and chat with singles, but my advice would be to treat it with caution and make sure you know the man’s intentions before you decide to invest your time.

To make Tinder work positively for you , here are a few tips:

  • Put real and updated photos of yourself, there’s no point posting photos whereby you were 5 years younger and 20 kgs lighter. Being honest is the best way to get an honest response, don’t be ashamed of who you are and certainly don’t lie about what you look like . You don’t want the men to lie to you about who they are , so neither should you ….in short leave the false advertising to the TV commercials!
  • Be realistic , if you think he is a player ( which can usually be determined withing the first few photos and messages) then just don’t go there. Stop setting yourself up for disappointment and heartache,just because there are a lot of dates to choose from , doesn’t mean they are all going to be quality or want the same thing as you.
  • Cut to the chase but have fun! There’s no point drawing out a conversation if you think he is just in it for one thing , so try and work out ( subtly but assertively) what it is they expect. Or simply meet them in person so you can tell straight away if they are worth the effort and if you feel a connection. It’s a dating app, so bad dates will occur! Don’t set you expectations so high that you are constantly disappointed, learn to go with the flow and have fun along the way , but stay true to yourself.

Happy Dating!


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