Q: How do I recognise if he is actually The One?

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A: It’s a question I seem to be getting asked a lot especially by women who have been in the dating game for a while. Whilst there’s not one tell tale sign to show that this man is your long awaited prince charming, there are a few important factors which give a good indication:

The feeling’s mutual
There is no one person likes one more than the other, it’s usually an instant mutual connection that just happen naturally without any effort. Call it chemistry if you will but of course over time those feelings grow and get deeper for BOTH of you and usually at the same rate. There’s no game playing, or playing coy because you are both open and honest about how much you feel for each other.

There’s peace
Massive indication is that you have peace with your man daily, I’m not talking about the fact you might not fight, conflict is healthy and not fighting at all is actually something that usually shows indifference or lack of something important in your relationship. I’m talking about how you don’t feel anxiety or confusion or a sense of unsettledness, you are sure, comfortable and there is trust between you both. It’s a deep inner peace that it feels right for both of you.

It’s easy
That means that not only is there peace and minimal conflict but you are both carefree and genuinely happy because everything is flowing and anxiety and constant struggle are absent. Relationships take hard work but they aren’t meant to be a constant battle!

Everything lines up
Compatibility is a big indication that you can do life with this guy, and this goes beyond liking the same animals; I’m talking you have similar dreams, goals and morals. Having similar interests and future plans brings unity in a relationship and it means you are growing and progressing together towards the same mutual goals instead of living and pursing different lives.

You can’t imagine a life without him
You seriously can’t get this guy off your mind, you think about him as soon as you wake up and the moment right before you go to sleep. To say the least you are in love with him but in a deep and long lasting way.

You should be missing him when he’s not there and looking forward to every moment you get together. Yes you can still keep your independence and have your alone time, but at the end of the day this man adds something to your life which you can’t live without.

He’s your friend as well as your boyfriend
This guy is someone who you can fun with, laugh with and talk about everything; in essence he could be your closest friend. Friendship with your man is just as important as the love factor. Because let’s face it, if you’re going to be spending the rest of you life with him you want to be able to enjoy his company everyday and have something to talk about.

At the end of the day ladies it really is a decision you make in your heart and mind, there is no one factor or neon sign above his head, but love is worth the risk so don’t be afraid to give your heart away to a man that really is deserving of it this time round.


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