Q: How do you know if you are ready to start dating again?



Q: How do you know if you are ready to date again?

A: Well a good indication is that you are contemplating it! If it’s been on your mind after being single for a sensible or long amount of time then perhaps it is time you got back into the game. Here’s a few indications of when and when not to date:

Don’t date when you are:

• Looking for a rebound to blur the pain from a recent break up
• Looking for a distraction to get over an ex
• Desperate to find someone

Date when you are:

• Healed and a whole independent individual
• Happy being single
• Ready to fall in love again

The trick is to understand which season you are in and then make a choice based off that. If you have been single / divorced or separated for a long time and ready to meet someone new then yes it’s time to get back in the game . It’s important to be proactive to some degree in trying to match with someone, he won’t turn up on your doorstep ladies, but don’t feel that you have to scour the globe to try and find a man.

Here’s a few tips to remind you how to handle dating again :

• Don’t have too high expectations of the man or the date, learn to just enjoy yourself and get to know them first.
• Be specific with what type of man you want to date ( saves wasting either person’s time)
• Keep it casual, fun and light, take things as they come
• Guard your heart
• Don’t let a few bad experiences ruin your enthusiasm, just be more picky and make it about quality not quantity.
This is an exciting new season and should be enjoyed not endured and believe me after a few dates you’ll know whether you are ready or not!



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