Q: How important is “chemistry” with someone ?


A: This is a tricky one and really comes down to each individual. Personally in my experience I have found that it needs to exist for me to be able to connect with someone and want to pursue a relationship.

Because your emotions and thoughts are constantly changing when you are getting to know someone, we can’t base a relationship on chemistry alone, however having a MUTUAL connection with someone that makes you feel attracted, alive and excited is a pretty fulfilling feeling.

For some chemistry is instant (a lot of people mistake it for love at first sight) and for others it continues to build and grow as the relationship progresses.

The bottom line is if you don’t feel drawn to your beau, excited to be in their presence and have a desire to know them more and more then you probably won’t be as satisfied and perhaps even a little bored or confused!

Chemistry shouldn’t be the centre of a relationship but it should be present to some degree , after all life is too short to settle for anything less than feeling butterflies every now and then!


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