Q: How long should we wait until we do the “meet the parents” thing?


Q: How long should you wait till you meet The Parents? #askRenee

A: Goodness this really is a personal choice and there aren’t too many rules, in one relationship I waited 2 years for the man to meet my parents ( that wasn’t my choice though ) and in another it was only 3 months.

Looking back I realise 2 years to have him meet my parents was a major red flag to his commitment issues. Unless they are living in different countries , you guys should be meeting one another at least within a 6 month time frame if everything is moving along at a healthy rate.

The thing is we seem to still have this young mindset that “meeting the parents” is a huge thing! Well to some degree it is, but come on, we are all adults and basically it’s just a bunch of adults getting together to socialise, it doesn’t mean it seals your fate or relationship or that you now HAVE to marry him!

No relax, it should be done more out of the outlook that it’s a sign of respect and good manners to everyone involved. Here are a few pointers to remember when meeting the parents:

  • Keep it casual, don’t feel like you have to do a formal sit down dinner
  • Choose an environment that everyone feels comfortable in ie: don’t all go to a nudist beach for a picnic!
  • Meet on neutral ground, so that there’s no tension or history, make sure the environment you are meeting in is positive and not full of potential problem triggers!
  • Remind your folks not to talk about your previous boyfriends.
  • Chat to your man first to debrief him , you don’t want him getting a big shock!
  • Have fun, keep it light and casual and don’t let it drag on for hours upon hours.

This is a day to enjoy not dread so take a breather ( or a quick shot of vodka!) and take it as it comes , don’t place too many expectations on it or lose sleep thinking about it. Enjoy!

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