Q: I’m a strong, beautiful and fabulous woman, so why do men run from me? #askRenee

So what’s the deal?

A: Whilst this is definitely a strange phenomenon the old “Men- are- from- Mars -and -Women -are from –Venus” answer really just doesn’t quite cut it for this answer.

Why is it that such beautiful, self-assured, intelligent and confident women can attract men as quick as they can send them running?

This is usually for two reasons:

1: You are unconsciously putting out a vibe that signals you not only don’t need a man, but that you don’t want one as well.

Which is crazy because clearly there is a difference between the two right?! Not needing a man shows that you are whole and don’t require a guy to make you feel complete but are open to a relationship, whereas not wanting a man means that your body language.

Words and actions show that you are taking being single and independent to a whole new level  and hence why men won’t approach you .

It’s about finding the balance and allowing your guard to come down so that you can seem warm and approachable. Admitting that you would like a guy does not make you weak or needy but rather just allows for opportunities to actually give guys permission to ask you on a date!

2:  Men are intimidated by you.

This does not reflect bad on who you are, especially if you are a down to earth , confident, beautiful woman who knows her worth, but don’t be surprised if it scares some of the guys away .

Why? Well because it means they feel inadequate and insecure about who they are and think they won’t be enough for all your awesomeness!

The good news is that it really weeds out the bad ones from the good ones, because a confident (not cocky) and decent guy will not be intimidated but rather intrigued by you and will be drawn to all your glory. So let the scared ones run back to their cave and wait for the brave ones to make their appearance.

Happy Dating!

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