Q: Is CHEATING ever justified?


Q: Is cheating ever justified ?! #askRenee

A: No it’s not, whilst I think that in most circumstances it is a result of the actions of BOTH parties, I do not think it is ever right or permissible.In some cases it can be understandable , but it does not make it excusable.

Cheating usually happens for a few reasons:

Neglect of some account, insecurity, unhappiness or loneliness (which usually stems from neglects), addiction, or selfishness. It’s something that is detrimental to all people involved and is never the solution to any problem.

If you are in an unhappy relationship or feeling unloved or neglected by your partner the only options should be :

a) Stay and try to fix things through professional help or

b) Leave ; cheating should never be solution .

If you have been a victim of cheating perhaps it’s a good time to look at your relationship, your part in it and the series of actions from both of you that led to this awful moment. Cheating doesn’t have to signify an end of a relationship , nor does it define the future of it, but it is never justifiable.

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