Q: Is it OK to dump someone by text message?



As a relationship blogger and dating ‘expert’ I regularly get asked questions by both male and females about the world of love. So I’ve decided to start answering some of them quickly in a post once a week.

 This week it was the controversial question about whether or not it’s socially acceptable to end a relationship via a text message:

A: Erm…no, it’s not ideal way to end a relationship (no matter how long it lasted for) whilst it might be less awkward, or painful for you we have to remember that there is another person’s feelings involved. Successful relationships aren’t built on what’s convenient and break ups should be done ideally with respect to the other party.

Yes it’s not fun to let someone down, but giving them the actual time of day through a phone call or face to face meeting, shows that you valued your time together and who they are.

It is also mature, good manners and says a lot of your own character to speak to them personally rather than opting for a quick 2 second text!

Sometimes we feel like we say it all wrong or don’t say enough that’s why we need to write it down, well do that, write it down but then read that piece of paper to them over the phone so that you have a more personal approach.

We aren’t 14 year olds so let’s skip the texting and set a new standards for how break ups should be done.




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  • MeAndDating says:

    It depends…if they’re low-class scum that you’ve caught out, then anything goes in how you dump them. Texting is appropriate for people who operate to a lower level than yourself.

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