Q: Is it OK to still be friends with the Ex ?


A:Ahh the golden question which seems to have very different answers depending on who you ask ! In the past I remained friends with all my exes not because I was still in love with them but rather because they were a part of my life, yet when I entered into a serious relationship I soon discovered that my partner didn’t appreciate their presence or friendship in my world and here’s a few reasons why:

1: It was my past and therefore any connection to them should stay in the past as to not jeopardise my present or future.

2: It was disrespectful to keep catching up and chatting to men that I had had an intimate relationship with and been emotionally invested in.

3: It was unnecessary , even though there were no feelings, their friendships were still a choice and I had to decide to let go of that part of my life purely because they were an ex.

4: It can cause division in your new relationship especially if one person has not truly moved on or if your partner is protective of you .

5: For the single girls sometimes holding onto an ex even if you are just friends, prohibits you from being able to let go move forward and meet someone new.

At the end of the day we always have a choice who we invite into our world and who is meant to stay there, don’t forget that some people are purely just for a season and its wise to understand when that season is over. If you really want an answer ask yourself how would you feel if the situation was reversed?! Do you want your new man’s ex girlfriends asking to have coffee with him and chatting to him regularly? Ummm my guess is a big fat NO! The great thing about letting the past go is it allows you to be fully present in your present , plus it means you can work on building an amazing friendship with your new man.

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