Q: The Age Gap: is it really just a number or does it affect your relationship?


Q: Does the age gap even matter?

A: Again this is quite a personal choice and the answer is relative to each couple , however what it comes down to is not necessarily age but rather compatibility.

Just because there is 15, 20 , or 10 years apart between you and your partner does not mean that you can’t have mutual interests, goals and dreams, everyone matures at a different rate and life sometimes takes us down different paths.

There are probably a few factors however that may come up if there is a big age gap between you both:

– You are physically at different stages in life: this can affect energy levels especially when it comes to socialising and being intimate or even being able to keep up with each other through daily activities.

– You have experienced different stages of life: for example the man may have already been married and have had children, whereby you are fresh and looking to do those things. It’s important to understand if you can find compromise or if you both realistically want the same things

– The friends: whilst you both may get along your friends might find it difficult to merge and bridge the age gap, be prepared for some judging and juggling!

Life experience will vary: it’s not a competition, but in most cases the older the person the more they have experienced in life and this will affect their personality, decision making and how they treat a relationship, in essence you have different emotional and mental maturity levels.

It’s not to say you can’t be on the same level as someone mentally and emotionally despite a 20 year gap, but there will of course be things that you haven’t done due to the mere fact you are 20 years younger!

Of course there are couples that defy all the rules and obstacles and have a 25 year gap and are happily married and so it really does come down to how compatible two individuals are with each other.

Happy Dating!

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