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The team here at The Dating Directory is proud to announce a collaboration with yet another huge online magazine! This time it was none other than Elite Daily  which has over 3.2 million likes on Facebook #wow . Renee was asked to comment as a dating expert on whether or not people tend to marry their type.

Here’s a little excert  with her advice :


“… if we don’t marry our type, why the hell do we have one in the first place? I expressed this idea to Renee Slansky, television personality and relationship expert, who believes having a type comes from a few influences: “One is the way in which we were subjected to other relationships through the modelling of parents or people in our lives as we grew up.”

Slansky says we usually end up marrying somebody similar to our mother and father because they are, understandably, the strongest of influences. “It’s also part of our genetic makeup and personality to crave certain qualities in another person,” she adds.

Slansky is a firm believer that our type isn’t definite, but that it matures as we do (after experiencing bad relationships, different settings, stages in life, etc.). “As we grow and learn more about ourselves, our desires in another person can change and develop and often the original type of person we wanted can now be completely different two years down the track,” she says.

Slansky believes our type should act as a guideline, instead of a definite black and white checklist.

“I think people should stick to their type, but perhaps not expect that person to have every single thing they have always wanted,” she says.“Having a clear idea of what you want and what a relationship needs to be happy and successful is very important. If we can paint a clear picture in our head of the type of man or woman we would like to be with, it helps give us an idea of what areas we are willing to compromise on and which we simply can’t.”

She concludes that having a type is about understanding the qualities that make us compatible with someone else, not just selfishly listing qualities we want.

Read the full article by Bobby Box  here !


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