Renee joins Your Tango as an Expert

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Today we are excited to announce that the founder of The Dating Directory Renee Slansky has been asked to be an expert partner with one of the largest and most influential dating and relationship digital magazines in the world!

Your Tango  has established itself as a leader among the dating and relationship industry online and works in ascociation of some of the world’s biggest publications and media outlets including Time Magazine , The Huffington Post , Fox News , CNN , New York Post , Yahoo News, PopSugar , Buzz Feed and many others . Their Facebook page alone has over 1.2 million likes which allows them to gain almost 100 million views a week through active social media campaigns .

So needless to say this digital magazine is making headlines…literally around the world. To become one of the exclusive experts on Your Tango you must be invited , so when Renee received the call from the head marketing director , needless to say she jumped at the opportunity!

Stay tuned for more articles and press to come with Your Tango !

Originally posted 2016-05-07 01:43:33.

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